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YOU have the special and unique privilege of being a victim
of one of my first attempts at constructing a webpage.

As such, it is a work in progress, with all that that implies. I certainly do
appreciate your visit and hope that it is/was/will be an enjoyable one.

Frequently Abused Links

Accuweather American Media's Liberal Bias
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Atlanta's) Creative Loafing
Atlanta Progressive News Atlanta Sunday Paper (incl Stephanie Ramage)
Atlanta Unfiltered Atlanta Unsheltered
Canada Free Press Cybercast News Service
Daily Presidential Tracking Poll Drudge Report
Drudge Reference Desk Fact Check
International Herald Tribune - Global Edition Neal Boortz - Today's Nuze/Program Notes
(News From) The Hill NewsMax
Official Time Real Clear Politics
Rush Limbaugh Sean Hannity
Space Telegraph (UK)
Tenth Amendment Center Wall Street Journal Editorial Page
(including a Link to James Taranto's 'Best of the Web')
Washington Times WSB Radio - News, Sports, and Weather
Yahoo! Deutschland Yahoo! News

Maps (and Related)

City of Atlanta, GA Map (Including City Council Districts) Georgia's 5th Congressional District Map
(You can substitute other states and district #'s in the URL)
Geography (The Basics) Google Maps
Historical Maps of Germany Latitude and Longitude
Mapquest Maps of the World
National Geographic (Including Map Section) Strange Maps
State Map of Georgia Cities - Georgia Road Map
(You can substitute other states in the URL)
State Map of GA Counties (and county seats)
(You can substitute other states in the URL)
Topographical Maps On Line World Atlas

Religious Links (Churches/Sites of Interest)

Anglo-Catholicism A Site For Roman Catholics
Including a Link to the Douay-Rheims (RC-approved) Bible
Adherents Book of Common Prayer (1662, 1928, and Other Additions)
(Campus) Church of Christ - Norcross, GA Greater Atlanta Christian School
(Affiliated With CampusChurch - Norcross, GA)
Cathedral of Christ the King
(Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta, GA)
Cathedral of St. Philip
(Episcopal Archdiocese of Atlanta, GA)
Catholic Online (Including Links to the Catholic Encyclopedia
and the (RC-approved) New Jerusalem Bible (NJB)
Central Presbyterian (PCUSA)
Church of Our Saviour Church of the Epiphany
Christian Denominations Deutsche Kirchengemeinde
(German Church) of Atlanta, GA
Druid Hills United Methodist Church Early Christian Writings (Including the Gnostic Gospels)
First Baptist Church - Woodstock, GA First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annuciation New American Bible (RC-approved)
New International Version Bible North Avenue Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Church Religious Tolerance
Roman Catholic Mass (Current Rite) Roman Catholic Mass (Tridentine Rite - Latin w/ English Translation)
Roman Catholic Shrine of the Immaculate Conception Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church
St Francis de Sales Roman Catholic Chuch
(Latin Rite) - Atlanta, GA
St Hilda of Whitby Anglo-Catholic Church
St John's Lutheran Church St Joseph Maronite Catholic Church
St Luke's Episcopal Church - Atlanta, GA St Mark United Methodist Church
St Paul's Presbyterian Church (PCA) The Vatican

Homeless Ministries

Central Presbyterian Outreach Center Church of the Common Ground
Consumer-SOS - Homeless in Metro Atlanta, GA Crossroads Community Ministries
Eagle's Nest Ministry Emmaus House
First Presbyterian Community Ministries Gateway Homeless Service Center
Intown Community Assistance Center Metro Atlanta, GA Task Force For the Homeless
Midtown Assistance Center Open Door Community
Safe House Outreach Trinity Community Ministries
United Way/Metropolitan Atlanta Information Veterans' Administration

Less Frequently Abused Links

Absurd Report Acronyms - Dictionary
American Meteorological Society Glossary American Solutions
Answers/Fast Facts Atlanta Braves Official Website
Atlanta Falcons Official Website Atlanta Hawks Official Website
Atlanta Thrashers Official Website Back To School Resources
Believe in the Magic of Your Dreams Bug Me Not
Capitol Hill Blog Chiff
Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms College Football News
Conservatism Today Currency Converter I
Currency Converter II Customize a Sunrise/Sunset Calendar For Any Location
Deutsche Welle davidstuff
Dictionary - Other Languages/Translator Free Internet Press
Georgia Carry Georgia Christian Alliance
Germany + History - Google Search (1st 50 results out of 80,000,000) Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta, GA
Google Translate Government Made Easy - The Link to ALL Levels of Gov't (Federal to Local)
Gwinnett Braves Official Website How Stuff Works
Independence, MO Examiner InfoPlease (With a Link to Fact Monster)
Ipse Dixit Inflation Calculator
Judicial Watch Kansas City Channel
Kansas City, MO News Kansas City Royals Official Website
Kansas City Chiefs Official Website List of Common Latin Phrases, Abbreviations, and More
Major League Baseball MRC: All About Bias in the Media
Metric Conversion Calculators and Tables Monsters and Critics (European-based World News/Technology Report)
National Football League Bizarre and Unusual Holidays
National Gun Rights Organizations NCAA Football
National Rifle Association National Weather Service: Acronyms and Glossary
New Majority News Busters
New York Times - The 2008 Elections NumbersUSA - For Lower Immigration Levels
Online Conversions Our Country Deserves Better
Pay Check City People's Daily (PRC)
Politics and Government in the five (majority of population)
German-Speaking Countries
RedState Blogs, Diaries, etc
Roy's Racing Rotisserie Russia Today - Top Stories
Say Anything Blog Science News
Scotsman Select Smart
Sizes - The Main Index Skepticians
Smoking Gun Snopes (Rumor Has It...)
Social Studies for Kids Southern Party of Georgia
Spiegel Online Stiff Right Jab
Straight Dope Syndicate Pig
This Day in Alternate History This Day in Real History
This Day in Sports History This Day in Weather History
Time and Date (and a Bunch of Other Interesting Stuff) Townhall
Wayback Machine Wikipedia
World Net Daily World Time Zones

Comic Strips/Political Cartoons/Quizzes/Other Fun Things

Brain Teasers and Trick Questions - Google Search Calvin and Hobbes
Comic Strips and Panels/
Syndicated Editorial Cartoons
Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonists Index
Dennis the Menace - Google Search Dennis the Menace - 2004-2009 Archives
Education Place Index Fark
Fun Quizzes Fun Quizzes For Kids
Go Comics Jokes - Google Search
Jokes For Kids - Google Search Mallard Fillmore
Math Puzzles Mother Goose and Grimm
Onion Political Comedy - Unfair and Unbalanced
Political Humor Red Planet Political Cartoons
Stupid Math Tricks Tricks With Numbers(1)
Tricks With Numbers(2) Web Humor
US Political Humor & Parodies Yahooligans! (Yahoo! For Kids)

Categories of Interest

The following table contains links to broad subject areas concerning things that I have
a continuing interest in. They will eventually lead to various links across the internet.
Currently, this entire section is under (re)-construction.

Boy Scouts of America Beware of the Gun Grabbers
Education, Jobs, Resumes, etc Global Warming
Government/Military Health/Medical
History Humor
Math and Science Miscellaneous
News Politics
Regional Transit Systems (Metro Atlanta, GA) Religion
Sports The "Loyal Opposition"
Various Information Searches/Search Engines Weather


This is a link to miscellaneous websites that haven't, as of yet, and possibly never will
graduate to status in my various categories. There are some dead links here. Click Here


You can use this tool (courtesy of google.com) to search the net for information on almost any subject
that you are interested in exploring. Simply type in a few descriptive words of what you are looking for
(e. g. movie parodies, Adolph Hitler, etc), click on search, and the Google Search Engine will do the rest.

For best results, use the following format:
+"term" +"term" +"term" for however much description
you need to define what you are searching for; e.g.
+"Holman Hunt" +"paintings" +"The Shadow of Death"

The space between the closing quotation marks
and the + sign(s) is/are important.

To extend the search, you can try deleting the quotation marks or rephrasing
or changing the parameters. Click on "search" on this page (above) for other ideas.

Happy Searching!

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It's why millions of us will be reluctantly voting Republican this year (2008);
folks that would be voting Democrat, IF there was a Democrat worth voting for.


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