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Collected messages at "The mind of the writer
Both feet first
Met twee benen inkomen
Teksten uit het Schoolboek
Mit zwei Beinen auf Einmal

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AmazingA's Writersblock

Our life is but a breath in the life of this universe.

Ever since the dawn of man we have sought to understand our part in it.
We educated philosophers, religious leaders and visionairs.
But where the mind seems to come to a full stop, there awaits yet another group of visionairs.
They are the ones skilled in interpreting the heart and dreams of man.
Poets, Minstrells and Prophets.
You have landed in the domain of such a poet

His credo is. Artem Tuam Ama

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This is my first international collection of poetry in english. Both feet first
This is my first international bundle of prose in english.
Still very much under construction.
Stories from the schoolbook

But of course I have explored other languages such as German Mit zwei Beinen auf Einmal

But I write in my native tongue as well. Even more I write story's initiated by a Writers School who are all in Dutch.Teksten uit het Schoolboek

Met twee benen inkomen

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There used to be a group ""Mind of the writer" but that could not be kept up and is now merely an archive of mesages, but what an archive.
So at Yahoo groups Stella created "A journey of the mind"

please visit if you have time to spare, if not don't
Work of mine at the Mind of the Writer

Getting my penfruits out on the net. For The mindofthewriter club at Yahoo. Now also At a Romantic muse, Interactive poetry Artpromotion and the Artpage. Working on a real creatorium with Painings and pictures an drawings. But I need to scan the lot on my small scanner. :~(
Collected messages at "The mind of the writer

Other collections will follow.
"A Romantic Muse" and of course "Interactive Poetry"

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Personal infos

Obviously you are curious enough to read on. So I will tell you something more about me. My age is 36 and counting. Every year at the 30th of januari I add one year to my collection.
'Sign' is Aquarius.Or in Chinese a Rabbit

I live in the cute town of Groningen in The Netherlands.
A real student and college city. Where the students even participate in local politics.
My town Crede is such;
"There is nothing higher then Groningen"

I initiated my computer career with Wordperfect 5.1 to become a writer.
Now I am a Computerdocter skilled in Novell networking and windows98 and I write for a very serious hobby Up till today I work with WP Office 2000 (WP 9)and can do everything with it. So I hate Microsoft rather passionately

I Worked as a parttime Verger for the Universal Student community in Groningen. A good soil for spiritual poetry of wich I have put quit a lot on the net. It also got me interested in religious comparrison. This made me believe there is no religion but a personal one.
I did a lot of things in my time. If you want to know more visit my profile at Yahoo (amazing Alf) and/or mail me.

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Personal Activities
Now what do I do?
I write of course. Lots if i feel like it.
I do need some inspiration though. I can't just write anything.
And I play games.
Mostly shoot e'm Ups and Pinball games.
The best are Quake II and Unreal Tournament.
Ahh, did I mention Drakan? Where you can fly on a dragon?

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How to reach me
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Or you can send me mail :)
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