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Well, this is an art website... and that's pretty much it. Please feel free to submit your own artwork, I really don't want everyone to get bored with just my plain style to look at. Oh, and do not use any artwork from this website without first getting the owner's permission! With that said, enjoy your visit and let me know what you think in the guestbook.

Updates and Announcements

-September 27, 2003
I haven't updated in months and I'm sorry, but I really have been a bit busy. I won't go into details now because I'm tired, but maybe I'll explain another time. Anyways, some news... Chibizoo has started her next yugioh fanfic contest at Project Yu-Gi-Oh (which I keep forgetting to put in the links section), so if that's your thing go enter. Also, I just added a new pic today so check that out. This site needs a new layout, I'm bored with this one... well that's all so good bye!

-July 21, 2003
Wow, sorry for the delay in updating! I have plenty of excuses, but when it gets right down to it I just didn't feel like it. (Yes, sorry, I know I'm awful.) Anyways new news... Well, as you can see there is a new layout. A bit girly, but cute. Also there's a new guestbook. A while back I moved the fanart contest to it's own ad infested domain. It's now a Yugioh fan page called The Domino Museum. The contest is still there, so don't forget to enter! Also, I got in another nice fanart from Chibizoo coming soon. Nothing new from me so... I think that's all. ~cheesepuff

Name: cheesepuff
Birthday: October 20
Hobbies: Snow/Wakeboarding
Location: Washington, USA
The Domino Museum

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