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The Artistic Gymnastics Academy of Manhattan is a virtual gymnastics center located in New York City and offers training for female artistic and rhythmic gymnasts in levels 5-Elite. The goal of this gym is not to fill out monotonous training forms and engage in little interaction. Filling out forms is an option, however we also strongly encourage role playing and interaction among members. We want to see well developed characters who are more than just names on a form or meet roster. We also do not want to make members feel that it is necessary to devote a large amount of time to developing and training a character. We want to make this gym as fair and user friendly as possible and are always open to suggestions. If you are interested in becoming a member of our team then we encourage you to read through the information below. If you have any other questions feel free to contact head coach Genevieve Foret at

Before we get into the various programs, requirements, and points systems, I would like to go over a few of the rules:
*You can have as many gymnasts at the gym as you want as long as you train all of them. All names can be placed on one training form/role playing post but to get the same amount of points for everyone, each gymnast must be in individual effort (talking about individual practice, daily events, etc.). I do ask that for the time being you only have 1 elite so that all elites can have an opportunity to compete. If you have a special circumstance (twins, level 10 who qualified to elite, etc.) just talk to a coach and we will see what we can work out.
*Please be realistic. You will only get points for 6 training forms per week. You can fill out more but will not be awarded points. Role playing can take place as many times as you would like but please give others the opportunity to role play as well and keep role playing realistic. If you have any questions about what is/is not realistic, please feel free to contact a coach.
*Please be respectful to all other coaches and gymnasts involved. Misunderstandings, disputes, debates, and friendly competition do happen, but please try to be as kind as possible. If a coach notices unkind or unfair actions a conference will be held with that player. If a player continuously disrupts the gym she will be asked to leave.
*Most importantly, have fun! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the coaches. We want this to be as fun for everyone involved as possible.

Artistic Gymnastics:
The artistic gymnastics program is open to girls ages 7 and up, levels 5-Elite. Athletes are placed in training groups based on level and age. Groups are redistributed periodically. Each gymnast is asked for her individual goals and coaches will work to help each gymnast achieve those goals. Each month a coach will meet individually with each gymnast and discuss the gymnasts training, results, and progress toward her individual goals. The gym places an emphasis on solid basics and artistry and gymnasts will be required to demonstrate competency in those areas before they are allowed to move up, especially gymnasts on the elite track. However, exceptions are made for older gymnasts who are not on the elite track and are able to perform skills safely. The happiness of our athletes is much more important to us than the reputation of our gym and we will do all that we can to help our gymnasts enjoy gymnastics and achieve their goals.
Our team program has basic move-up requirements in place, however if you do not meet these requirements but feel that you are ready to move up, do not hesitate to contact your coach to discuss possible options.

Move Up Requirments:
Level Age Score Other
5 to 6 7 32.00 Active in gym, 3 meets
6 to 7 8 33.00 Active in gym, 3 meets
7 to 8 8 34.00 Active in gym, 3 meets
8 to 9 9 34.00 Active in gym, 3 meets, top 10 AA finish
9 to 10 9 35.00 Active in gym, 3 meets, top 5 AA finish

Elite Qualifications:
Level Age Testing Optionals
Child Pre-Elite 10-12 34.00 31.00
Junior Pre-Elite 13-15 34.00 33.00
Senior Pre-Elite 16 & Up 34.00 34.00
Junior Elite 11-15 36.00 35.00
Senior Elite 16 & Up 36.00 36.00

Rhythmic Gymnastics
The rhythmic program is open to girls ages 7 and up starting with level 5. Rhythmic athletes compete in 4 different events depending on level, the events for each level change yearly for levels 5-8 and every 2 years for levels 9-10. The events for 2007 are as follows:
Level Events
5 floor, rope, hoop, ball
6 floor, hoop, ball, clubs
7 floor, rope, ball, ribbon
8 floor, rope, ball, ribbon
Juniors rope, hoop, ball, ribbon
Seniors rope, hoop, clubs, ribbon

Gymnasts achieve level 10 status by placing in the top 20 at Easterns/Westerns and gymnasts achieve elite status by placing in the top 12 at Nationals. Once a gymnast has become a level 10 they will still be a level 10 whether or not they qualify to Nationals in following years. All level 10 seniors are eligible to compete at Easterns/Westerns each year.

Age Groups: Ages are based on the age a gymnast will be on December 31st of that year. A gymnast must be at least 6 years old on the day of the meet to be able to compete.
Level Events
Child A 6-8
Child B 9-11
Junior 12-15
Senior 16 and Up

Points and rankings are based on activity. Points are given for training forms, creating and updating websites, updating journals, participating in message board topics, role playing, and various other activities. Points are based on content and activity and points determine which gymnasts are sent to which meets. Points are dependent on content and more points will be awarded for extra effort.
Training Forms: 1-5 based on content
Role Play Training: 3-10 based on content
Creating a Website: 15 points (10 points for redesign)
Updating a Website: 3-5 points based on updates
Journal Entries: 3-5 based on content
Message Board Posts: 1-3 based on content
Other: Based on activity

For training forms, 1 point can be earned by checking boxes, 3 points can be earned by writing a sentence about your practice, 5 points can be earned by writing a summary of your practice.
For activity forms, 1 point can be earned by checking boxes, 2 points can be earned by simple responses to questions, 3 points can be earned for details about daily activities.
For journals, points earned based on content of journal. A basic, short journal with little detail will be given 3 points while a detailed journal entry which talks about gym, school, outside activities, and shows some sort of emotion will be given up to 5 points, perhaps even more for an exceptional entry. Journal entries can be posted on the space provided on the message board or on a personal website or journal site. Journals can be posted in more than one location but points will only be given once.
Message board posts are given points based on content. One word or few word responses will receive 1 point, while more detailed responses will receive up to 3 points, potentially more based on content.
While points are subjective, we don't want anyone to feel that they are not being awarded fairly. If you have any questions about points being earned please feel free to contact us and we will gladly look over your points.

To Be Considered Active:
In order for gymnasts to be considered active they must train at least once a week. If you will not have computer access for a certain period of time please send an e-mail to to let us know and you will not be penalized for not training. Gymnasts who do not train for 2 straight weeks will receive a warning. If the same person goes through another two week period of inactivity they will be removed from the roster. Gymnasts who are removed from the roster are welcome back at any time. While training once per week is the minimum, there are no gaurantees that training once per week will enable you to make the meet rosters.

For more information you can contact our head coach, Genevieve Foret at

This site is for virtual gymnastics purposes only and is not real.