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pansyorchid Hi. I'd like to tell you a little bit about my family. I've been married to my husband, Bill, since June 1979. We have been blessed with two great kids. Our first child, Jessica, born in 1981, is a pretty and smart young lady who is rather mature for her age. She is due to start at Rutger's University in September 1999, thinking about majoring in psychology. Our second child, Jonathan, born in 1982, is also smart and quite a handsome young man. He is currently (as of March, 1999) a Sophomore in High School and right now is thinking about going to college and majoring in something that has to do with computers. We have also been adopted by two adorable cats. The first one who adopted us, Tammy, is a tortoise shell calico, is unfortunately overweight, but is also the most loving and tolerant cat I've ever known. The second one who adopted us, Pepper, is a gray tabby, only weighs 7 pounds, and is the cutest thing on four legs.

An update as of September 20, l999: During the summer, our daughter and two other girls found three little kittens left out in a plastic bag by someone. Each girl brought one of the kittens home. So we now have three feline family members. The latest one, Angel, is also a tortoise shell calico but has longer hair than the other two. She is a very energetic 4 month old kitten now and has been with us since she was about 4 or 5 weeks old. And she does the strangest thing I've ever seen a cat do. She carries her tail on her back. And since she has longer hair, that makes her tail look more like a squirrel's tail than a cat's tail.

chinarosepoppy Another update, December 5, 2002: Well, I thought this was long over do. So, while sitting here all nice and warm as the snow falls outside, let me update things. Last year, my daughter brought home yet more adorable kittens. This time, two of them, sisters. It was the first time I'd ever seen how litter mates are with each other and I have to say they are adorable together. One is named August and the other one, Daisy. They look like they could be Angel's daughters, especially August. They have been with us since the summer of 2001, again only about 4 or 5 weeks old when we got them. And I have told my daughter that this is the LAST kittens she brings home. Enough is enough. LOL It is their absolute adorable cuteness that is their saving grace.

I have a wide variety of interests. Since 1987, I have been taking lessons in the wet-on-wet oil painting technique and now teach it at a local craft store. I enjoy most forms of needlecraft-knitting, sewing, crocheting, needlepoint, embroidery. Reading or doing crosswords is my way of keeping my brain active. Psychic phenomenon interests me tremendously as does almost any form of science fiction. I enjoy watching all of the Star Trek TV series as well as other science fiction TV programs. I also enjoy watching doccumentaries and shows about nature. One of the things from which I get the most enjoyment is cooking, baking, and cake decorating. I am an at-home Mom and am currently responsible for the care of my own Mom who has been ill since 1997 and now requires supervision around the clock.

pansyorchid Yet another update June 7, 2003: It has been a rough few years. I ended up in the intensive care unit of a local hospital on November 25, 2001. My diagnosis? Fournier's Gangrene with Necrotizing Fasciitis. For the laymen out there, that means I had flesh eating disease. While I was trying to enjoy my yearly Thanksgiving feast, nasty bacteria were feasting on my abdominal tissue. Fortunately, I healed well; and one result of this was that I finally got up off my butt and started taking better care of myself. It isn't all that common a disease. Many doctors don't even know what it is. And I've never heard of anyone ever having it twice; though I imagine if a person doesn't take good care of themselves, it might be possible.

I found a site that is full of information about Necrotizing Fasciitis where I have also posted my story. Please use this link to get to the home page: National Necrotitizing Fasciitis Foundation

To go directly to my story, please use this link: Carol's Story

Please use the following link to go to my update page. This page is where I hope to add an occasional update on how my family is doing. I have started the update page to keep this, my home page, from getting too full. I also think it is just a bit egotistical of me to think every reader would want to read all of my updates. So I hope this satisfies both my ego as well as consideration for the people who come here.

So if you really want to learn more about my family, please click on the following link:

My Update Page

Please follow my links to.......
A page with some of my paintings and instructions in the technique I used to paint them.
Carol's Place Art

A page with some of my family's favorite recipes.
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Carol's Place recipes
Recipes Page 2

Five pages with inspirational poetry.
Carol's Place of Inspiration
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pag e 3
pag e 4
pag e 5

One page with the Serenity Prayer.
The Serenity Prayer

One page with the 12 Steps of Alanon.
Carol's Place The 12 Steps

This page is dedicated to Native Americans. It contains some Native American legends and many links to Native American pages full of legends, history, crafts, music and much more.
mandella with wolf head
Carol's Place Native American Page

These are the links to my awards and webrings pages.

Carol's Place Awards Page
Carol's Place Webrings Page

Here are the links to my Holiday Pages
Carol' s Place Christmas Page
Carol's Place Easter Page
Carol's Place Halloween Page
Carol's Place Thanksgiving Page
Carol's Place New Year's Page

I belong to an email group called God's Rainbow. This is a link to the winning tags I made for their weekly contest.
God's Rainbow Stuff

The awards my site has received are here.
My Awards

The webrings I belong to are on this page.

Finally, if you are interested in learning where I got most of the wonderful graphics on my pages, please check out my graphics links page.

Carol's Place Graphics Links


Here are some links to sites of a few friends.
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