Dancin' Eyes Australian Shepherds
My mother, Dotty Brown of Little Town Blues Kennels bought our first aussie when I was eight years old back in 1980.  From there on out we were hooked on the many joys of owning an Aussie.  I was 13 when I acquired my own kennel name of Dancin' Eyes and it is now a permanently registered kennel name with ASCA.
Dotty Brown of Little Town Blues with My Kind Of Blue CDX Dotty Brown doing brace, off-leash obedience
Jasa with CH Special Feature Of Starcross CD
(my first Jrs dog)
Judge Mike Ryan-Stud Dog Class
Jasa with CH Speed Racer Of Starcross
Tom Bateham with CH Duran Duran Of Starcross
Judy Williams of Windermere Kennels with Little Town Dusty Star
Little Town Dusty Star Pictured at 5 months
My Kinda Blue CDX
Blue, Royal and Crystal with their Dam Gypsy