Dancin' Eyes Future Stars

Dancin' Eyes is excited to announce......

 One special litter planned for us here at Dancin' Eyes for 2003.  Please check back for summer updates that will be announced soon.  

What can you tell us about YOU? 
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All Dancin' Eyes dogs/puppies are from breedings determined to benefit the breed, with
soundness both mental and physical. Sires and dams are OFA or OFA Prelim. (certified clear of hip dysplasia) and CERF (certified clear of eye defects). Dogs/Puppies all receive a thorough series of vaccinations and are eye checked clear by a certified canine
ophthalmologist before going to their new homes. All dogs/puppies are eligible for both ASCA & AKC registration, and are sold with one of the following written contracts:
Spay / Neuter - which guarantees the health of the dog/puppy and that they will be free from hereditary defects. Owner will receive Limited Registration papers. Puppies sold with this type of contract are wonderful companions, but not suitable for showing or breeding.
Breeding / Show - which guarantees the health of the dog/puppy and that they will be free from all show disqualifying faults and hereditary defects affecting its suitability for breeding.  Owners will receive Full Registration papers. Puppies sold with this type of contract are suitable for showing and breeding.  Breeding / Show quality puppies will be sold to serious show homes only, and not strictly for breeding purposes. 
Reservations- When a reservation for a dog is placed, a $100.00 nonrefundable deposit is required, which will be deducted from the purchase price of the dog. Should a breeding not produce the specific color or sex reserved, the buyer may use the deposit towards another dog. No dogs will be held without a deposit. 
All prices are in US funds.
In addition... each individual puppy placement is determined according to that specific puppy's personality, and by the role it will play within its new family. Because as breeders we feel it is very important to place each puppy in the right home, we carefully evaluate each puppy as it is growing up in order to make this determination.
Please understand that the careful breeding of puppies on a limited basis is not a
made-to-order business. Reservations are restricted by what is whelped (color, sex, quality, etc.), as well as by our waiting list, with priority given to those on the list the longest. We try to be as expedient as possible in determining which puppies are Show/Breeding quality and which are Companion/Pet quality. Show/Breeding quality is not determined by color or markings apparent at birth, but is contingent upon overall structure and movement which cannot be estimated until between 5-8 weeks of age. Both Companion/Pet and Show/Breeding puppies are physically and mentally sound, 
the differences being based on the dog's comparison to the breed standard. Only puppies determined to contribute to the betterment of the breed are sold 
as show quality