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          Niftykeen! You've just stumbled on to...

    Athena's Earthworm Jim Shrine!

                      "Never in my years....Have I seen SUCH GLORY!!!
                                    Even my T-Shirt pays homage!"

        - Jim, from the EWJ episode Trout!


    Greetings, Humanoids. It is I, Lady Athena of Axetron, Aged 14 in
    Earth-Years, and motivating (although at times not entirely
    ) force of the Earthworm Jim Shrine for the past
    two years or so.
        My mission? To seek out new sights, and civilizations,to
    Boldly Go where *no* on- ....uh.....
        I mean, my mission is to create the Numero Uno (#1) site for EWJ
    fans everywhere! AND make the text look pretty!

    Speaking of which, if you find you have to scroll left and right
    on this site, change your resolution to 800 x 600 pixels, unless
    you're OK with the scrolling.


I want my JimTV!
TV Show Index
Jaime Kellner may have cancelled
the show, but it still lives on in
our hearts! Check out a few of the
favorite quotes I've archived over the
eps, some Little Known Facts about
the show (my favorite part), as well
as an episode list, and some of
my opinions on the cartoon!
Jim whips his head!

Stuff 'bout the video game!
I still think the game rules over
the TV show, and that EWJ1 beats
out EWJ 2 any day...But that's me.
Come in and find codes (yeah, yeah,
I finally got codes...!), and Rumors
about EWJ3D.
Me and David Perry, President of Shiny Entertainment. My messy header.

There's tons of stuff in here, from
fan-art, to downloads, to the Jim
fanclub, facts...This place has
everything! -- Including my mystical,
dream-like trip to Mecca -- SHINY ENTERTAINMENT!

This is also where you'll find my


Why am I anti-WHN? I guess
that's a section I should add here...
But anyways, I've always detested
the ditz, and here's my section
dedicated to NOT liking her!
Jim with an accordian. Links, and other stuff like that.

The EWJ webring, The Pic Of the
Current Time Period, Fan-Clubs...
Stuff like that lies within. Woohoo!