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Contact us:
Belfast/ secretary
0775 959 8798
ASF, PO Box 505, Belfast, BT12 6BQ

Portadown local:
PO Box 523, Craigavon, BT62 1YA

Derry local:
c/o Belfast

Agitate FM broadcasts across Belfast on 100.6 FM, Saturdays @2pm and All women FM @3pm. If you want to get involved contact BMC

Women's Commission

Belfast Media Collective

"Yet my mind was not at rest, because nothing was acted, and thoughts ran into me, that words and writings were all nothing, and must die, for action is the life of all, and if thou dost not act, thou dost nothing." (Gerard Winstanley)

Belfast Media Collective

Belfast Media Collective is a new initiative that was launched in March 2002 with a video showing project timed to coincide with International Women’s day. This was followed up with a two-day video presentation at the Warzone Festival. Meanwhile, we organised a radio show on Northern Visions, which kicked off in the early summer. We encourage everyone to get involved, as we aim to deliver the voice of truth, without censorship or master. At present, the show is scheduled to continue at least until April 2003. The BMC is also planning to have another video night with the O-ASF Women’s Commission. The BMC works closely with IMC-Ireland and covers all island events such as the Shannon Airport Protests and Reclaim The Streets.

We aim to provide free information and education without censorship and help anyone who has something to say and/or wants to learn about media. We support local community centres but reject green and orange politics, which we see as an attempt by the State(s) to divide the working class- we aim to develop the real issues. We also reject the propaganda machines of the powerful- state/corporation/church media. The BMC offers an alternative for the people to have a voice (or a picture) speaking about their (real) lives. We aim to present information and ideas honestly without lecturing dogmatically- we believe people can make up their own minds. Our media is not the recruitment tool for “the movement” but an attempt to encourage critical thinking, imagination and understanding.

How to contact us:
PO Box 505
BT12 6BQ

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