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  9. Introduction of the six chefs

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Singapore is a multi-racial society. There are people from all attributes of life living harmoniously together. Therefore, many varieties of foods are sold here to satiate the voracious and varying appetites of the different races in Singapore. Hence, our objective of doing this project is to share with you the reason why Singapore is commonly known as the "Food Paradise". Simultaneously, this project will also help shed our various differences and unite us together as one, simply because we all eat!

Chinese local dishes such as Char Kway Teow, Hainanese Chicken Rice and Fish Ball Noodles are some of the many mouth-watering dishes sold here. Malay food such as nasi lemak and delicacies like Nyonya or Malay cakes can also be found. Furthermore, Indian foods such as the local 'roti prata' and curry puffs are also sold in the mornings in hawker centres. In addition to the local foods, Western foods are also widely available for the many Eurasians living in Singapore. Delicious steaks and fries sold at a reasoble price are therefore greatly welcomed.

As you can all see, Singapore is no doubt worthy of its title of a "Food Paradise", with lots of scrumptious foods that are very appealing to the taste buds. Mee Goreng, Pepper crab, Otah…oooohhhh such delicious food!!

Finally, knowing that you will all be very anxious to get to know the six chefs behind the scenes, we will not waste anymore time and introduce ourselves to you. Firstly, we have Lee Jia Hui who is in charge of presenting to you the various Malay foods, Queer food, Places to get good food and Survey Analysis. She is also our ever capable leader who is rather 'street-wise'. The brain of the group, she organises our web pages and is the overall coordinator. However, she can be blur and hilarious at times.

Following the grand personnel is Mika Feng who will introduce you to the Thai, Italian and Japanese food. She is also our assistant leader and is very cheerful and bubbly. Moreover, she has a 'bo chap'(can't be bothered) attitude towards whatever she does. (Imagine how Jiahui tolerated her attitude.)

Next is Mika's good friend, Joyce, who specialises in Indian food and whose post is the secretary of the group. She is the fierce one in the group who never hesitates to reprimand us for any unsatisfactory work done. What's more, she is excellent in taking down minutes during our meetings.

Next, we have Zeng Jiahui doing Nyonya food and last, but not least, we have Jiang Ying and Tristan(known to us as Boy 'Friday')doing Chinese food. Jiang Ying, the studious, trustworthy money-keeper, has a mathematical brain that is constantly struggling with strings of figures and signs (of dollar). Try cheating any cent out of her!

If you are wondering where Tristan got such a unique nickname from, that's because he's the office boy in our group. In addition like Friday in the story 'Robinson Crusoe', he does all the odd errands for us. Tristan is also the happiest and the most carefree person in our group; he is always smiling. It's a miracle that he does not have any wrinkle on his face. So well, I suppose this is the end of the brief introduction of the six members.

And now, sit back as we bring you on a fantastic food tour! Click on any 'dish' you want from the menu.

If you happen to get lost at anytime of the tour, simply click on the banner which reads "Food In Singapore" and it will bring you back home(current page). Any other queries? Mail them to us!