Images from Episode 10
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Dias home is located in Blorahan. The katakana you see on the right reads "bu" "ro" "ra" "ha" "n." The u in bu is silent. The r in ro has been turned into a l sound. A lot of times this transition happens in Japanese to English conversion. In the rpg Valkyrie Profile, for example, a lead character called Rucian in Japanese became Lucian in the American version. In the anime, when they say Burorahan, they say usually say it quickly, and it ends out sounding Blorahan. I prefer to spell it Blourahan since it sounds and looks more complete that way, but I will use Burorahan or Blorahan from now on.

His home is really very green.
Partial Script/Dialogue from Episode 10  

Dias---"I refuse."

Sourafan Soldier---"We came here in order to invite you as the national opinion of Sourofan. Please reconsider one more time."
"Master Dias Ragu."

Dias---"It won't make a difference whatsoever. No matter how many times you come here. I am from Kuruda, no matter what the reason is, I can't support your side. So please leave now."

Dias suddenly has a coughing fit.

"Master Dias!"

Dias---"Only death can take me away from here anyway."

"Master Dias, I know this is unacceptable, but our army is in desperate need of your ability to manufacture weapons for us no matter what. Please do it!"

Sourofan soldier goes down to his knees and begs.

Dias---"Please lift your head."

"It's a matter of life and death for Sourofan. Please I beg you, I beg you!"

Dias looks at him and can barely see him.

Dias---"I'm sorry, but I have a job that I must accomplish before my life comes to its conclusion."

"You mean you will not consent to our request no matter what then."

Sourofan soldier signals his men to enter the hut.


"Now for the last time, will you come with us or not, Master Dias."

Dias---"...Are you planning to set a fire?"

Dias takes his weapon.

Dias---"Do you plan to use Burorahan as a flashpoint for a war between Kuruda and Sourofan!"

Soldier hesitates
"...We're going back."

Sourofan soldiers leave.

"Master Dias, if the war breaks out then Blorahan will surely not remain untouched by any of it. I recommend that you reconsider your position."

They leave. Sound of horses' hooves.

Dias---"That means we can no longer stop the turmoil."

His eyes are so pale, he looks blind

Sourafan is really desperate for fine weapons
In Ep8, I realized that if Elle hadn't gone to visit Dias,
the enemy might not have found out about him
Just a theory, those three stooges did reacted like they've never seen a black wing before nor know about Dias Ragu
Someone must have suggested to Sourofan about Dias

Neither blue nor green...