Episode 8

In the great hall where the statues of Kuruda's Sevalles are displayed, three female valles are looking at the empty statue base of the 59th Sevalle, Elle Ragu.
"What's that?"
"It's still not finished yet?"
"I wonder when they're going to finish her statue?"
"But it look's just amazing already. Do you see what I mean? The 59th Sevalle, Elle Ragu's great statue."

Elle posing for her statue.

Elle---"Another month? Explain to me why this is taking so long."

Sculptor---"It's been a Kuruda tradition to built a Sevalle fighter statue for 2000 years now. We were supposed to have the statue finished before the battle festival, but you ran away from me. You must understand that this has never happen in the entire history of Kuruda."

Elle---"Do you think you can you finish it in three days?"

Sculptor---"Don't be silly. It's not possible."

Elle---"Then a week."

Sculptor---"But we can finish this before the essemblage of the four fighters. Honestly, that wouldn't make any difference, would it?"

Elle---"Oh yeah, that's right. I'm sorry about that."


The Holy City of Juliannes is located north of Kuruda. It's a three day trip. This very big city is protected by four different cities. All of them surround Juliannes. The four different cities are as follows:

Kishirana (Kisholana) of the east
Felicia (Felisha) of the west
Kuruda of the south
Nikidoa (Lekitor) of the north

The Sevalle of each of the cities are very proud of their amazing fighting ability. They're warned not to fight each other, to maintain the peace and system of the world. This is the most important rule of the four fighers. Without this rule, there would be total chaos in the world.


Elle and Gau on the road. Elle is on top of the huge pile of baggage that Gau is carrying on his shoulders.

Elle---"Oh boy, I'm glad I can finally escape from that artist, but this is pretty awful as well."

Gau---"We can't do anything about it. This is for the peace of Ashilana.


Elle in Eva Stola's throne room.

Eva---"That is right. I have learned that the ceremony of the four fighters is going to be held very soon at the city of Juliannes. The fighters from all four cities will gather there. It is very important to us, and I would like you to attend this very much. Since you are the 59th Sevalle, Shadow Skill, you need to go and greet them."

Elle---"What? I'm going there?"

Eva---"If all four cities do not come to a peaceful arrangement with each other, then this news will be spread out to Ashilana. This ceremony exist to keep the peace and to assure we are not going to fight. You need to keep that in mind and not cause any trouble.


Elle---"If this is such an important ceremony, why don't they bring more people? I can't believe I need to travel there by myself. What a pain in the butt."

{Eva---"You should not cause any trouble until you go there for the meeting and come back to Kuruda. Do you understand my instruction?"}

Elle---"That's what he said. It sounds like I'm always going wild and causing trouble everywhere."

Gau---"Are you saying that you don't?"

Elle---"What did you say?"

Gau---"Elle, you're amazing."


Gau---"You're not conscious about that at all."

Elle---"Of what?"

Three men are following them.

At the Green Octopus, Faury is standing in the boat, waiting for Kyou.

Faury---"C'mon, hurry, I haven't got all day."

Kyuo---"Please wait. It's heavy."

Faury---"Listen, if you're going to complain, then I'm just going to leave you here."

Across the lake.

Faury---"The king has been crazy too. I can't believe that he's actually sent Elle out by herself to this important event."

Kyuo---"But Gau is going with her too, right? So I think that she should be okay."

Faury---"Do you think that he's going to be useful out there? Believe me, that place is a very polite high-class society. Elle will not fit into that city for sure."

Low watching from a distance high on cliff.

Oh, look at her glow in beautiful sunshine...
Oh, look at her, that's my beautiful sunshine...

Faury and Kyuo on the road.

Faury---"No, I can't stress enough that this place is filled with the highest class of people. Elle will not fit in there for sure.

Kyuo---"Well, what's going to happen to her then?"

Faury---"I'm positive she's going to lose it. I can see her just going wild and making a big mess out of it. If she causes trouble, Juliannes will disappear from Ashilana."

Kyuo---"Oh, really?"

Faury---"That place is so high class that Elle will cause serious trouble there just by walking around."

Kyuo---"Why are you stressing the high-class part so much?"

Faury---"I'm from that city, and I know it well."


Low is following them.

Low---"Where you going, sunshine?"

Elle and Gau at an inn.

Innkeeper---"There's a big restaurant here so you can eat there."

Gau---"Oh ah yeah, and the payment?"

Innkeeper---"Well, you can pay us tomorrow just before you leave."

Gau---"Ah, all right then, thank you."

Elle is looking at a wall map.

Gau---"Elle, let's go. What's the matter?"

Elle---"Oh... It's nothing. Don't worry."

Those three men arrive at the inn.

Elle and Gau at the restaurant.

Gau---"What is the matter with you?"

Elle---"I'm thinking about something."

Those three men enters the restaurant.

Elle---"I'm was thinking I might want to visit this place before I go there."

Gau---"What? You can't do that. We're not on vacation."

On the road, Low is looking for Kyuo.

Low---"I lost her again. Well, she's my beautiful sunshine all right. She as fast as a pretty little deer."

Low runs on ahead, overlooking and overtaking Kyuo and Faury on the lower path.

Kyuo---"I can't walk anymore.

Faury---"Stop your whining. Juliannes is in danger here."


Low---If I go straight, I'll hit Juliannes. I heard they're having the ceremony of the four cities. Is Miss Kyuo attending or is she here for fun?


Gau---"We've been travelling because of this event. We can't visit other places."

Elle---"Yeah, I know that. Maybe I won't go then."

Other people are talking.

"What? Kaila Ra Luk (Kaira Lu Luka) is the great fighter from Nikidoa."
"Maybe so, but if you've heard the rumors, they're all aren't just of Kaila, you know. I've heard of Sai Ou of Kishirana, Jian De (Gian Ches) of Felicia and others too."
"But are you sure he was talking about them?"
"Yeah, he said the Sevalle of Kuruda was weak like a deer. And get this, he also said that this person looked stupid."

Elle got mad. Gau intercedes. 

Gau---"I really don't think you should be doing this now. Remember what the king said to you."

Elle---"Shut up! This guy made fun of me!"

???---"Please stop it! Leave this place if you're gonna cause trouble!"

Elle---"I didn't cause anything!"

???---"Please don't bother any of the customers here."

One of the three men had placed something in Elly's mug.

(She'll be finished by tomorrow afternoon)

Elle picks up her mug and drinks.

Elle---"What is this ceremony about anyway? I'll beat the people from Kishirana, Felicia and the others too."

Three men leaves the restaurant.

Elle---"Ahh... I should just go visit that place. Darn-"

(With one casual armswipe, Elle destroyed a wooden post and the inn)


Elle---"This is such an awful inn. They probably didn't build it right." (burp)

The next morning, Low arrives at the destroyed inn.

Low---"Looks to me like a Demon Beast has appeared and attacked this place. Oh no, this means my beautiful sunshine is in danger."

He runs on ahead as Faury and Kyuo arrive.

Faury---"I'm sure they'd stay at an inn around here if they're going to Juliannes."


Kyuo---"Staying at an inn... You mean that... I wonder if a bear came out here."

Faury---"It wasn't a bear, it was Elle."

At a fork in the road.

Gau---"We had so much money to get us to the city before, but now we've used it to pay for all the repairs to that old inn. I just can't believe it. I don't have any friends who can lend me money in Juliannes."

Elle looks at the large stone monument on the fork.

Gau---"I mean I'm not worried about getting there, but what are we gonna do on the way back."

Elle---"To the left is Blourahan."

Gau---"We weren't able to pay the whole amount for the repairs either. We have more debts to pay off. ... Hey Elle, it's not that way. Elle, where you going?"

Gau overtakes her.

Gau---"Stop it. Elle..."

Elle---"I'm sorry. I'm going to visit that place."

Gau---"You can't do that."


Gau---"Elle... wait, c'mon. Elle."

In deserted Blourahan.

At a foot of a hill, smoke rises from a single chimney of a small hut where comes the sound of metal hammering metal. A man is crafting something.

Gau---"Who could that be?"

Elle---"Dias. This man is my brother."

Dias comes out, looking at them. Elle goes down towards him.

Gau---"I didn't even know that she had a brother. How about that?"

Gau watches Elle greet her brother. Elle turns around and looks up at him.

Elle---"What are you doing? C'mon!"

Gau is uncertain.

Three men arrives.

1-"We mixed the medicine last night. I'm sure the medicine is going to work soon."
2-"And then, the 59th Sevalle will finally disappear from this earth forever."
1-"This is the catalyst to destroy the holy country. We're doing well."
3-"Don't take the Sevalle from Kuruda lightly. We have to make sure she's dead."

In Dias' house.

Gau---"Scarface told you about me?"

Dias---"You are the hope for our future."

Gau---"Tell me, do you know Scarface very well?"

Elle is drinking on the porch.

At the fork, Low arrives.

Low---"Why is Miss Kyuo heading to Juliannes? Wait a minute, hang on a second, what am I doing here running anyway? Hold on. I've completely forgotten why I'm doing all of this again. Oh yes. It's because of Miss Kyuo in an awful lot of danger. I've got to go. Miss Kyuo!"

He runs off again as Faury and Kyuo arrive at the fork. They too head to the right towards Juliannes.

Dias and Gau on a cliff. Dias is using his weapon.

Dias---"Yes, Scarface. I remember I met him 11 years ago during the war."


Dias---"That was Scarface. He was a great fighter. I'd never seen anything like it."

Gau---"Does that mean you were hoping to become a Sevalle?"

Dias---"I didn't have a shred of humanity then. I killed anyone who stood up to be my enemy. I was just one of the Sevalle, but back then, everyone called me Black Wing. I had too much confidence. They both told me that I was just a murderer who chose to kill people for them. They were right. I was just a killer. There was a friend of Scar's whose name was Cain Phalanx. He was a Sevalle one generation from Elle. He was the 58th Sevalle. But Cain said, "My fighting spirit is becoming more and more insane." And he fell into the dark side completely. And in the end, he was defeated by Scar's own hands."

Gau---"He passed away?"

Dias---"Scar has lectured me time and time again not to become a monster like his friend Cain did so long ago."

Gau---"So then you became friends with Scar sometime after that happened?"

Dias---"Yes, that's right, but I'm afraid now that it seems like that Scar himself after so long have fallen deeper and deeper into the dark and tragic world of fighting."




Dias---"Just being a Sevalle is not good enough to improve your fighting abilities. You need to have the strength to control your own mind. Only after that, are they called the true Sevalle. Do this for me. Watch Elle and help her."

Gau---"What? Are you serious? I can't help her."

Dias---"She has mastered the Kuruda Style Annihilation Technique, and many respect her for this. But she also has the position to be feared at times by many people. There is also the danger that she may also follow the same path that Cain did long ago."

Elle has fallen asleep.

1-"It seems like it worked on her."
3-"We need to make sure though so I should kill her now."

Dias and Gau are heading back.

Dias---"Elle is not as strong as you think. There is always the danger of the dark side. The only thing I can do for her as her older brother is to pray that she walks down the right path as a fighter. I want you to help her."

Gau---"... Yes."

Dias---"I am very glad she found someone like you."

Three men come out to kill Elle, then Elle's body glowed red then blue, and she woke up.

2-"What in the heck was that?"
3-"It can't be. She can't fight off the polignor poison. That's just not possible."

Elle---"Ah... I feel so much better now. I don't know what you guys put in my drink, but medicine like that doesn't work on me. Who the heck are you guys anyway? C'mon now. You can tell me right? Tell me, who sent you guys here?"

Fight begins, Dias' weapon came.

3-"What's that?!"


The three retreat.

3-"Darn, let's leave."

Gau---"Elle! Are you all right? Are you hurt?"

Elle---"Do you really think that stupid guys like that could defeat me? No way. They were scared of the Black Wing boomerang. That weapon is the best. The weapons you make are the best there are in the whole world. ... Uh Although your eyes are getting even worse, I can see."

Dias---"That's true, but despite this, I can see more things more clearly than before."

Dias suddenly has a coughing fit and falls down.

Dias---"No, I'm all right."

Later, Elle and Gau leaves Dias, who continues to forge his weapons.

Gau---"You guys are strange. You don't even say goodbye?"

Elle---"I just came by to see him. It doesn't really matter."


Outskirts of Blourahan.

Elle---"Hey, Gau, do you mind if we talk to each other a bit?"

Gau---"So what's on your mind?"

Elle---"I'll tell you something that no one knows about. I'll tell you why I thought about coming here so much. ... My brother is not going to live very much longer.


Elle---"My brother was the apprentice of Sevalle in the past. He was much more talented than I ever was. He was incredibly powerful, much stronger than I am now. Then when my brother turned 16, my parents passed away. That was around the time he was about to become a true Sevalle. Right after that, I became very sick with the exact same illness that they had. It was a very rare illness at that time. The medicine didn't work, and the doctor gave up on me as well, but my brother never gave up."

(Dias---"Don't worry, Elle. You're going to be just fine. I'm going to save your life for sure!")

Elle---"We needed a lot of money to heal this illness. My brother fought in many battles to make money. ... I survived because of that, but my brother fought in more battles. ... The extra battles he fought really damaged his body so I ended up becoming Sevalle instead, but my brother couldn't make it in, because of his body condition. So I don't deserve to be here. It's not me. I'm not the 59th Sevalle. It was never suppose to be Elle Ragu, but Dias Ragu instead. It was the Black Wing. It was always suppose to be the Black Wing.

Gau---"You're wrong. It's not right. It wasn't anybody's fault that you became sick with that illness. Dias did what he had to do as your older brother to save your life. If you keep saying things like that, then I'd feel sorry for your brother who fought for you. Dias told me to watch you and help you out if I could. He cares about you so much. Why don't we go already? We're going to be late for the ceremony."

Elle---"... Hey Gau, you are... Oh wow, I'm getting sleeping now. It can't be that poli-"

Elle falls asleep in the middle of the road.

Gau---"... You all right, Elle?"

Low is still running.

Low---Sun's going down. Don't tell me that my sunshine has disappeared for good. No, what am I saying?

Faury and Kyuo are walking behind.

Kyuo---"We can't catch up to Gau and Elle. I can't believe how fast they walk."

Faury---"But we're very close to Juliannes."

Kyuo---"Maybe we passed them on the way."

Faury---"I really don't think so."