Episode Fourteen Analysis

Not directly mentioned, but this episode seemed to have happened before the events in Shadow Skill 3rd Series Episodes One to Thirteen. Not certain, but it is suggested. Either this episode happened before or happened after the events in episode 13.

It tells about the importance of Soma in the world of Shadow Skill. Soma is only abundant in the Holy Country of Ashilana (Ashliana).

There are times; however, when Soma recedes. When this happens, it is disastrous.

The world of Shadow Skill by Megumu Okada is a combination of elements adoped from Ancient Greek and Roman civilization.

Architectural design is reminescent of old Greek and Roman architecture. Especially notable is the Coliseum which is the centerpoint of Kuruda.

The Holy City of Juliannes, its people and ruling elite, resemble the patrician society of Rome. Even their costumes and wear are alike of Grecian tunics and Roman togas especially if you take away those shoulder pads and armor.

However, how their leaders are chosen, is definitely not democratic. Rather, the strongest rule. This is clear in Kuruda, and perhaps the other cities as well. The ruling class in Juliannes, on the other hand, seem to depend on lineage and class. A few individuals; however, have an innate ability to feel Soma. One of this is the Holy Princess of Juliannes, Lillbelt L'Bijuu.

In this episode, we find that she is ill, because the level of Soma has decreased. Another individual is mentioned, Lunaris Umbra. Sir Greodai and Faustice Low are hoping that Lunaris Umbra would return soon. Whoever Lunaris Umbra is, he or she has a significant effect on Soma.

Next, we go on an archaelogical trip into a ruin thought to be the Moonlight Shrine. Before the civilization of Ashilana, there was another. This one is reminds of Ancient Egypt, especially their method of writing, hierogyphs on the walls of the ruin.

The leader of the expedition is a young girl who had hired two Valles to serve as her bodyguards. Only one showed up, also a young girl about her age it would seem.

The archaelogist is enthusiastic about the ruin. She believes it to be the Moonlight Shrine, which may hold evidence of the existence of the Ashlian Archive. (think Great Library of Alexandria)

The Moonlight Shrine is a ruin located in a marsh. It's purpose has not yet been determined though it is believed to be used for religious purposes and rituals.

There are ghosts in this particular ruin, which the archaelogist thinks is a good thing. Her bodyguard thinks otherwise.

There was a civilization a long time ago before Ashliana. It was properous and developed, but it became extinct, because the level of Soma became too low.

Our young explorers discover that the Moonlight Shrine was a last ditch effort by the people of the dying civilization. To appease the god (Lunaris Umbra, I presume), they constructed this shrine to be submerged. Long ago, the marsh used to be a lake. At the time of the shrine's construction, the land it was built on was a desert.

Though covered by the marsh now, the Moonlight Shrine is actually a ziggurat. Unfortunately, for its builders, the offering of the shrine came too late. The shrine was not submerged in water.

Now, their ghosts ask them to finish the offering. The water vein underneath the marsh still flowed. The Soma, at this time, was also decreasing, but not as low as it had been a long time ago. At this time, it was possible to submerged the shrine.

Understanding, the archaelogist and her bodyguard triggered the mechanism which would let water enter the shrine and submerged it.

They did this though it would also mean losing a great archaelogical find. They had decided to grant the wish of the ruin's ghosts.

They almost drowned when water rush into the shrine too fast. We find out that the Valle bodyguard was not exactly experienced. Fortunately for them, the other Valle showed up to rescue them.

It was Elle.

That Elle was referred to as a Valle is one of the reasons why I think this episode happened before she became a Sevalle. Plus, we don't see Gau and the others with her. The next episode will confirm this or not.

The significane of the submerging of the Moonlight Shrine is that by its sacrifice, the level of Soma stabilized for a while longer. It could be said that Soma was appeased by the sacrifice.

However, it is only the return of Lunaris Umbra that will truly stabilize the level of Soma.

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