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Shadow Skill
Television Anime Series

Episode One
Created on November 25, 2000
---Updated on 11/26---
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11/25/2000 Old Update and Ramble
Lord, help me... I think I'm crazy again... I am so tired.
Dias' shrine can still be accessed, but I'm not updating that until I can get better images. Plus, I find it very hard to update fireworks files.
Also, the old image gallery is gone. I need the space.
Episode one summary and partial script are available plus lots and lots of images to make up for the old gallery. Better quality ones too.
There's a big difference between SP and LP recordings.
AXN is showing Shadow Skill again. I'm trying to keep up with the series. I can barely wait for the episode when Dias is first introduced in the anime series
Episode One Opening Narration

When the sun becomes full in the sky, a shadow is born on the ground.
The shadow represents the form of all things in the universe.
The form whips its own body and polishes it.
Thus, it becomes the finest Sevar ever to be formed in this manner.
The Sevar says my one single blow is invisible.
People in the world then rise up and praise the Sevar and say
you are the only one who rules with honor and fear
that is unmatched anywhere.

Main Characters
Formally Introduced
In Episode One

Elle Ragu
Elle Ragu
---friendly---loves to drink---
---loses temper easily---
---not a grudge-holder---

Gau Ban --- younger brother

59th Sevalle of Kuruda

Gau Ban
Gau Ban
---looks after elle---
---tries to make Elle behave---

Faury Plasmatizer
---tries to make Elle behave---

King Eva Stola (Iba Stol)

(no nice image in the episode
that I like except maybe for his statue)

Serious-looking, concerned for his city and people

55th Sevalle
Current King of Kuruda


Elle and Gau are travelling to Kuruda for the Fighting Festival. Heading towards Kuruda as well is a caravan of merchants who are being attacked by bandits. Fortunately, the leader of the caravan is a strong and determined leader who manages to keep his group from being totally overwhelmed by the hooligans. With Elle and Gau's help, the caravan was able to drive off their enemies and continue on to Kuruda.

Since they were heading the same way, Elle and Gau stayed with the caravan, accepting the leader's job offers especially since it seems Elle has a very big debt the settle. With the caravan too was a sinister and suspicious character who is constantly watched by Faury, who knows Elle and Gau.

While travelling to Kuruda, Elle and Gau learned that their new boss was not only a merchant but also a Valle, a mercenary of Kuruda. If need be, he would fight in Kuruda's army if trouble ever befall the city. Right now though, his chief concern is supplying foodstuffs for the Demon Beasts of the Fighting Festival.

In Kuruda, Elle, Gau and their newfound friends happened to see a Demon Beast being delivered by the Demon Capture Unit Phantom. This unit consist of warriors called Septias, especially suited to deal with the monstrous creatures.

Also, there is another undercurrying plotline which involved the ruling hierarchy of Kuruda and Ashilana. A script of the dialogue is available below,

Later, Elle learned about the high regard the merchants had for the Sevalle. For Kuruda and its people, the warrior elite was their pride. Meanwhile, Faury had finally confronted the suspicious-looking person when the latter snuck into the building where the Demon Beasts were confined. She ask if he was a spy working for Soulofan.

Faury happens to be a Soloun (Sui Rame) Talisman Sorceress and cast a fire spell at her enemy just as Elle and Gau arrived to feed the animals. It turns out that her foe was a Horan (Hyu Rame), a Beast Sorcerer, able to control Demon Beasts. His goal was to use the creatures to kill his target, the 59th Sevalle.

Gau was able to knock the Horan senseless with just one attack. However, Elle was having a harder time with a berserked Demon Beast. In the end, she reveals herself to be the 59th Sevalle, Elle Ragu of Shadow Skill.

Gau Ban and the Horan

I think I overdid the editing.

Gau Ban

I overdid both of them

Curious Moments

---Brother and Sister---

When the leader of caravan said to Gau if they were brother and sister, Gau paused a bit before answering. Maybe it was the dubbing, but he appeared startled by the question.

---The Ill Wind---

Eva Stola: Disaster?

Crimson: However, we don't know any of the details yet.

Eva Stola: I wish it wasn't related to the theory of exterminating the Holy Country.

Scarface: The King of Kuruda, Eva Stola. Well, in any case, I guess the ominous wind has started blowing in Kuruda and even in the entire country of Ashilana.

Crimson: And the one located in the very front line is...?

Scarface: This, Kuruda.

---Pretended Ignorance?---

When Faury's Fire Spell accidentally burned Elle too, Elle accused Faury of doing it on purpose. Faury replies that she doesn't know what Elle is talking about. I'm not sure whether Faury looked uncomfortable or Guilty.

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In Japanese, there is no letter L. So L sounds in English are usually R sounds in Japanese. End Ns also sometimes sound like Ms.

Elle Ragu is pronounced either Elle Ragu or Elle Lagu
(silent U).

Same as Sevalle and Sevar.
Valle and Var.
Fauly and Faury
Horan and Holan and Holam.
I'm not confident with Soloun and Sui Rame though. Also, Horan and Hyu Rame.

Another puzzle is Faury's last name Plasmatizer. I'm following Goat Girl on this. The way I hear it from the anime, it sounds like Bragmitizer, which sounds even more peculiar.

Before you wonder, I had the manga, but it was in Chinese. I think I'll get the Japanese version for Christmas.
Shadow Skill Terms
Introduced in Episode One

Ashilana --- Holy country; the world of Shadow Skill

Demon Beast --- very big and ugly

Fighting Festival --- reminds me of ancient Roman gladiator games. Indeed, Kuruda resembles ancient Rome

Horan (Hyu Rame)--- beast sorcerer

Kuruda --- the frontline city of Ashilana

Martial Language --- can increase metabolism to maximize the body's capacity

Septias --- warriors trained to hunt and to capture Demon Beasts, also to kill them when necessary

Sevalle --- elite warrior of Kuruda

Soulofan or Sourofan --- Enemy country. I'm not sure of the spelling.

Spy Hunter --- self-explanatory

Soloun (Sui Rame)Talisman Sorceress

Valle --- fighter of Kuruda
Notable Quotes

"Sevalle is the pride of Kuruda now"

"You burned my naturally beautiful hair!!!"

"Auntie?! Who's Auntie!?"

"We saw a great thing today, son,
but I still can't believe that I had hired
a Sevalle to work for me."
---Caravan Leader---

Auntie Faury
End Dialogue

Faury- "Well, it looks like you did way too much"

Elle- " Huh?"

Gau- "A charge for damages. You happened to increase your own debt again."

Faury- "By the way, what happened to the prize winnings?"

Gau- "She drank them all as usual."

Faury- "Although, I make some spare change by doing this. As long as you stay this way, it won't help at all, you know that."

Gau- "You must win the fight festival no matter what."

Elle- "That's enough! I will win, so don't say anymore!"
Martial Language, Spells, etc.

"I, Faury Plasmatizer, ask the Talisman. Answer me, what are you?"

I am a sparkle, a red sparkle. I am the one to destroy your enemy with blazing flame.

"One comes out of my right arm. Tear them apart, beast!" (a gem appears and he ate it)

The Horan did a hypnosis spell. It was the first spell in the episode, but he didn't say any magic words nor used a talisman

"Kuruda Style Annihilation Technique Sword!"

"I'm invisible. There is no one who can defeat my Shadow Skill. My one single blow is invisible. Kuruda Style Annihilation Technique Sword!"
The Sights of the City of Kuruda
One of the reasons why I like Shadow Skill so much
Okada-sensei could be an architect.
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