"There are times when a Sevalle must fight no matter what, no matter what kind of results await us.
We cannot avoid that." ~Elle Ragu~

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Shadow Skill
Television Anime Series

Episode Seven
Episode Seven Opening Narration

When the sun becomes full in the sky, a shadow is born on the ground.
The shadow represents the form of all things in the universe.
The form whips its own body and polishes it.
Thus, it becomes the finest Sevalle ever to be formed in this manner.
The Sevalle says, my one single blow is invisible.
People in the world then rise up and praise the Sevalle and say,
you are the only one who rules with honor and fear that is unmatched anywhere.

Main Characters
Formally Introduced
In Episode Two

(In this episode, there are no new main characters just new characters.)

----Oki Doclives----
(uncertain spelling, that's what it sounds like)

He is Faury's father. We just see him in Faury's mind. I can see where Faury gets her looks. ^^

He was Elle's Sui Rame master (Sui Lem). I suppose this means that a Sevalle can have Sui Rame training. Koa Ix (Ep2) was both a valle and Sui Rame.

Oki Doclives was also Faury's master as well as Louie Frasnil's teacher.

----Louie Frasnil----

Extremely ambitious to say the least. He has a lot of closeups and standups in this episode, but I didn't bother screencapping him. He irritates me.

That's him being clobbered by Faury.

----Doca (Doga)---

The Watchman sent by the Sui Rame Association.

That's him being treated by Gau and Kyuo. He's a stubborn individual with a very high tolerance against ice.

Summary and Partial Script

We see two men fighting. One of them takes out a Talisman and casts an ice spell which not only freezes his opponent but the surrounding village as well.

Time later, in Kuruda, we see Faury and Elle shopping...

Elle---"Forget about it. I don't need such a thing like that."
Faury---"Yes, you do. There will be more occasions for you to be in public from now on as a Sevalle. So you should have a proper dress or two to wear."
Elle---"Shut up. This protective armor should be enough for a Sevalle."
Faury---"All the money you ever make transforms into drinks, so I'm sure you've never bought a dress before."
Elle---"What's wrong with that?"
Faury--- "I'm choosing one for you so you better stay quiet."
Elle--- "Shoot."

Kyuo---"They seem to be good friends. They look like real sisters."
Gau---"They are now."
Kyuo---"What? "I don't remember when, but Elle got so drunk and tried to pick a quarrel with Faury that Faury finally got mad. Talismans flew and Shadow Skill came out, and then there was absolute chaos."
Kyou---"Wow. I wonder which is stronger."
Gau---"Hm. You're brave to say that."

Then, a clothes seller offered them a measure of cloth which he claims is the last indigo of Tarpa. It so happens that the village, which is famed for makind this cloth, had frozen over, even when it was not yet winter.

Both Elle and Faury were disturbed by this news.

It turns out that there was only one person who could freeze an entire village like that. He was Louie Frasnil, the Watchman sent by the Sui Rame (Sui Lem) Association to oversee Faury's vengeance against Elle. Elle had dishonored Oki Doclives, her Sui Rame master who was also Faury's master and father.

By the Rule of Sui Rame, the student of a Sui Rame master must avenge his/her master. Faury must kill Elle for what she did; eventhough, Faury no longer held any grudge against Elle.

Gau and Kyou arrives at Tarpa where Elle and Faury are fighting under Louie Frasnil's eyes. Hearing that the battle had started, Gau rushes on ahead while Kyuo falters behind, having seen a man frozen solid in the river which runs beside the village.

We find out that Faury had battled Elle once before, but had failed to kill Elle. Instead, it was Elle who had saved Faury's life.

Faury--- "I don't understand. Why are you saving me now? I was trying to kill you back there?"
Elle--- "I don't know. What can I do? I've already saved you."

Confused by Elle's actions and uncertain of her motives, Faury had decided to make certain first if Elle was truly her enemy, Her hatred faded as the days went by.

Faury--- "I thought I'd never be deceived by her. I thought she would be so wrong if she was trying to make atonement for what she had done. I followed Elle around everywhere just like her own shadow, in order to judge who she really was."
"I was going to kill her right away as soon as I found that her bright eyes were actually fake. However as my hatred faded, and the anger was gone. And by the time, the sorrow had passed, doubt had crept into my mind. Doubt about whether this person was really my enemy. Doubt about whether this person would really kill someone with all her malicious desire."

Unfortunately, the Rule of Sui Rame demands that the vendetta be accomplished, and Faury had not choice but to fight Elle, who in turn understands Faury's situation. Both of them would fight until one wins, and the other dies.

They were about to fight whe Kyuo shows up with the man in the river. His name is Doca (Doga), and he's the true Watchman sent by the Sui Rame Association. He had a message from the Association to Faury.

It wasn't Elle who dishonored and killed Oki Doclives. True, the Shadow Skill had defeated Doclives, but it was with honor and dignity befitting a Sui Rame master. It was, in fact, Louis Frasnil, who had murdered Faury's father just after Elle had defeated Doclives.

Louis Frasnil plotted to destroy Faury as well. He hoped that Shadow Skill would defeat Faury, and even if Faury had won against Elle, she would have been too weak afterwards to fight against Frasnil, just as Oki Doclives had still been recovering from his battle with Shadow Skill.

Louis Frasnil wanted to be the master of the style. which Oki Doclives was considered the creator (god) of. By eliminating Faury, Doclives' daughter and successor, Louis Frasnil would have the highest rank in their style.

When the truth was out, Frasnil casts his ice spell which froze everyone in its path. Faury was helpless as she watch Elle struggle to break free from the ice. Frasnil hurled talismans which turned into icicles at Elle, but fortunately, Doca (who had somehow broken free again from the ice), shielded her.

Doca took out a Talisman presented it to Faury, invoking her duty to avenge her father's dishonor. Faury broke free of the ice and awakened the Talisman, which turned out to be fire.

Faury beat Frasnil silly.

Later on, Faury asked Elle why she never defended herself, why she never denied the accusation that she killed Oki Doclives.

Elle said, "No matter how much I explain to someone who has lost their own master, it would only sound like an excuse, right? When I met you for the first time, you were captured by the grip of hatred. There are times when you can't survive without hating someone. A mercenary like myself makes a career out of having enemies. We are all raised to accept those things, like anger and sorrow."

Noteworthy Quotes, dialogues, observations, events and instances:

Elle --- "I do think about things sometimes."

Gau sometimes mistakes Kyuo's voice for Elle's especially when he is worried.

Elle --
"My burning blood is Kuruda red. As long as the red blood circulates inside of me, I will fight under the name of Shadow Skill, the 59th Sevalle."

Gau --- "For the first time in my life, I am scared of a little ice."

According to hearsay, a Sevalle's career can only begin after defeating one's own master. A Sevalle must fight like a demon.
(Yen's not: I don't think the former is true, but the latter has some truth in it.)

When a Sui Rame changes names, this signifies that they are on a vendetta.

Louie Frasnil --- "A Sui Lem who has killed their own master changes their name to seek revenge for the master." ?????? (Yen's note: There is something wrong about this statement)

An Alcana/Arcana can be destroyed before it awakens.

???--- "The one who has killed your own master must avenge his death." (Yen's note: Again, there is something wrong with this statement)

Faury-- -"If you ever fail, there's only death for you."

How a Talisman is made

Grind a piece of charcoal

Use the black dust to write on air

Place palm of hand on the writings

Talisman is formed

Real Sisters

^^ I don't know about you, but I heard three times in this episode, that
Elle and Faury act, look, seem like real sisters. ^^




In Japanese, there is no letter L. So L sounds in English are usually R sounds in Japanese. End Ns also sometimes sound like Ms.

Elle Ragu is pronounced either Elle Ragu or Elle Lagu
(silent U).

Same as Sevalle and Sevar.
Valle and Var.
Fauly and Faury
Horan and Holan and Holam.

Concerning Sui Rame, I have decided to follow Yagi-chan on this. I will still put how it sounds like. In this ep, it was pronounced like Sui Lem.

What do you think?

Your Email Address

Your Name

Shadow Skill Terms
Introduced in Episode 7

(Ep1-2 terms are still here, but I removed the previous meanings to save space. Sometimes, additional information is added about a previous term)

Demon Beast
Fighting Festival
High Sevalle
Horan (Hyu Rame)
Holy Knight
Holy Princess

Indigo of Tarpa--- A fine quality cloth with a distinctive bluish hue made only in Tarpa.


Large Alcana/Arcana--- a powerful Talisman spell which affects both the caster and castee.

Martial Language

Rule of Sui Rame--- the student of a Sui Rame must defend his or her master's honor, to the death if necessary.

Soulofan or Sourofan
Spy Hunter
Sui Rame

Sui Rame Master--- Oki Doclives is one such

Tarpa--- a village in ashilana famed for making cloth


Watchman--- individual who enforces the Rule of Sui Rame. Doca is one such.

Faulink Myer Bragmatizer
(Faurink Maya the Plasmatizer)

x_+;; what a name

---Real name---
Fear Arcana
(Fia Akrana)
(Fil Alcana)

She holds the name of
Talisman of Fear

Yen's note:
*I'm starting to think that Talismans resemble Tarot cards. Tarot cards are divided into major and minor arcana.*

Martial Language, Spells, etc.

Louie Frasnil

"I, Louie Frasnil, ask the Talisman. What are you?"
I am ice and snow, white ice and snow.
I'm the one who becomes a veil of ice that freezes everything.


"I, Faulink Myer Bragmatizer, ask the Talisman. What are you?"
I am the atmosphere.
I'm the one who fills the air just like the white mist.
(Large Alcana/Arcana)

The one who blows down everything and thoroughly.
Tear away your enemy.

I am fire, the one who becomes a hot burning blaze to turn your enemy into ashes.


"I am invisible. There is no one who can defeat my Shadow Skill. My one single blow is invisible. Kuruda Style Annihilation Technique.

Visit the Ep3/Character Gallery. :} There are very nice character images here, I promise.