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Shadow Skill
Television Anime Series

Episode Two

11/28 update
Corrected some items and added some items.

Created on November 27 2000
---Updated on 11/28---
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November 27, 2000 Old Update and Ramble
I placed the old update, ramble and featured image in the previous episode page, since currently, updates to this site are done by episode. So the November 25 feature is located in the Ep1 page. The Ep2 page has been uploaded, and the Ep1 page has been revised slightly. I have also made a separate gallery for the Gif files. The Ep1 Funny Gif can be found in the Gif Gallery.

Episode Two Opening Narration


He is by far the strongest man and definitely the most respected and is worshipped by all the fighters within Kuruda.

His power is a match for a thousand men.

He looks exactly like a fierce God, running right through a battlefield.

The scar carved deeply into his face is obvious proof of his heroism in the land of Kuruda.

Main Characters
Formally Introduced
In Episode Two

---not punctual---
---a bit flamboyant---

57th Sevalle of Kuruda

Yen's note: I got a lot of screencaps of Scarface from this episode, but only two images, I like, so I didn't bother editing the rest.

Honored Guests

---- Gerevia Havsial---

At first I thought this referred to the group in general, but now, I think it's the name of the red-haired individual.

He was the first person to come through the portal just as the Kuruda guard was announcing, "Juliannes' Regent Gereviahavsial."

A regent is usually a ruler, but with an added meaning. He or she is one who governs a kingdom during the minority, adsence, or disability of the sovereign. Similar to a guardian. I think he's the Holy Princess' guardian so that means the Princess is quite young.

----Sir Greodai----

He's the Gentleman in the dark armor. Seems to rather stodgy.

of the
Juliannes Holy Knights
^^;; maybe it was
"his emminence"

----Faustice (Folsutis) Low----

Next to Sir Greodai. She's his daughter. Seems to be honest and deliberate

Holy Knight

Lillbelt L'Bijuu

---very nice---enthusiastic---
---admires & likes Scarface---

Holy Princess of Juliannes

Other Characters

Barsok (Barselk)
Kor Ix (Koa Icks)

They were both Elle's opponents in the semi-finals of the fighting festival.

Summary and Partial Script

It is the day of the Fighting Festival. We find Gau and Elle at a betting station. They are deciding on how much to gamble on Elle.

Gau---"For the semi-final, I'll put 25 silver coins to Elle Ragu-"

Elle---"All of them!"

Gau---"Elle, now wait! We've made only that much money during these last few days. We've got to at least put some of it aside if only to pay our huge debt at the local pub."

Elle---"Do you think I'm ever going to lose?"


Elle---"Do you think this Elle Ragu will ever lose a fight or what, my friend?"

Gau---"...No.. no, I don't think that way, but uh-"

Elle---"Then bet them all on me."

Meanwhile, King Eva Stola was awaiting the arrival of honored visitors from Juliannes. We find out that the Fighting Festival is to increase Kuruda's warring potential and to show to Juliannes that Kuruda is ready to proceed with the Crusade against Ashilana's enemies at any time.

A magical portal soon appears delivering the party from Juliannes. A curious note at this point. It seems that they arrived during the Fighting Festival's Semi-Finals and not at the start of the games. I suppose they only came to see the best fighters.

We go back to Elle, who is practicing with Gau before her battle with a Demon Beast called Barsok (Barselk). It seems it took 100 Septias to capture him, but he wasn't too much trouble for Elle. However, her next opponent was more devious.

Kor Ix (Koa Icks), who seems to be both a Valle and a Sui Rame (Sui Lem), cast a barrier spell at Gau. This spell paralyzed Gau and left him helpless against a reanimated Barsok (Barselk) whom Kor Ix has put under his control.

Thus, Elle had to fight against Kor Ix under duress while Gau fought hard to release himself from the barrier. Suddenly, his hero, Scarface appeared and told Gau to show his power to him.

In the arena, Kor Ix was about to kill Elle when Barsok came crashing through the coliseum wall. Gau was with him and called out to Elle that she could fight now. Elle didn't even bother to use martial language in defeating Kor Ix.

In the end, we find out that Scarface had been testing Gau. Gau is a potential Sevalle who like his sister, Elle, Scarface and King Eva Stola, has the duty of protecting Juliannes.

Noteworthy Dialogues, Quotes and Instances

Elle---"I'm starting to wonder if I'm not as famous as I think."

Gau----"Oh my, no, it can't be true, you really are the 59th Sevalle. ...Uh, they spelled your name wrong here."

Elle--- "Elle B-a-g-u..."

(^^ According to D.E., it may have been "Eli F-a-g...")
Faury---""Your sparring partner is over there, Little Elle."
"Sevalle is never concerned about losing any match ever."
Sir Greodai--------"By the way, I don't happen to see Mister Scarface here at all."

(Crimson, looking bemused, makes an amused sound)

Faustice Low---"Well, maybe he didn't want to see me, father, and perhaps he's left for a journey far away once again."

Sir Greodai--------"What?"

Faustice Low---"Well, his wandering habits have never changed from his youth a long time ago."
Crimson--"What matters is strictly one's own talent. Sometimes, someone of ignoble character is to be a Sevalle."
Scarface--"I'm just a lowly vagabond."
Anonymous--"Scars are a beast-capturing Septia's medals."
Scarface-"If you're truly trying to be a Sevalle, show me that you can be a shield for someone you love. Show me what your own courage looks like right now. All the great power that lies secret in your body, show me that now. Show it now to me, Scarface."
Elle---"Fight with maximum respect for every single opponent. That's the rule of all Sevalles who make their living by defeating all opponents."

Episode Two Ending Dialogue

L' Bijuu -- -"Scarface!"

??? --- "Scarface."

??? --- "You're late."

Scarface --- "I am so sorry. I was off to go and inspect the new Valle; you must understand."

L' Bijuu --- "I saw their incredible fight, and I saw the great power of the 59th Sevalle as well as the young power that follows faithfully behind her."

Scarface --- "Yes, new buds are certainly about to bloom on the land of Kuruda I now see. I'm sure they will be of help to guarding Juliannes someday."

L' Bijuu --- "I'm counting on you."


I saw it quite clearly, Gau. I saw the true courage and great power that lie within your heart.
What they think

Scarface thinks that
is Reckless...
Kor Ix thinks that
is Pretty...
Sir Greodai thinks that
is Rude...
Elle thinks that
is Uptight...
Both Faury and Kor Ix
thinks that
is Little...

What do you think?

In Japanese, there is no letter L. So L sounds in English are usually R sounds in Japanese. End Ns also sometimes sound like Ms.

Elle Ragu is pronounced either Elle Ragu or Elle Lagu
(silent U).

Same as Sevalle and Sevar.
Valle and Var.
Fauly and Faury
Horan and Holan and Holam.

Concerning Sui Rame, I have decided to follow Yagi-chan on this. I will still put how it sounds like. In this ep, Elle pronounced it like Sui Lem.

What do you think?

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Shadow Skill Terms
Introduced in Episode Two

(Ep1 terms are still here, but I removed the previous meanings to save space. Sometimes, additional information is added about a previous term)

Demon Beast
Fighting Festival

High Sevalle---Scarface is one such a Sevalle

Horan (Hyu Rame)

Holy Knight---elite fighter of Juliannes

Holy Princess---self-explanatory

Juliannes---the center of Ashilana; the country's capital

Martial Language

Regent---meaning explained above


Soulofan or Sourofan---wants to exterminate the holy country of ashilana

Spy Hunter

Sui Rame---Talisman (magic) User

Valle --- not allowed to have their own fighting names; usually smells of sweat and blood...
Elle Ragu
59th Sevalle
Fighting Name
Shadow Skill
Kuruda Style
Annihilation Technique
Shadow Skill


Martial Language, Spells, etc.

"I'm invisible.
There is no one who can defeat my Shadow Skill.
My one single blow is invisible."
(Scarface identified this as the Kuruda Style Annihilation Technique Shadow Skill Boomerang)
My ears are playing tricks on me. Did Elle say "I'm" or "I am" in this episode.

Kor Ix
" I, Kor Ix, ask the Talisman. Answer me, what are you?"
I'm an electric shock. I am the one to bind my enemies with an electric light. (forms a star-pattern and a barrier)
I am a blade, a white blade. I am the one who dances like a mist and cuts the enemy up into pieces. (wind attack)
I am a flame, a bright red flame. I am the one who shimmers like the hot air and burns the enemy into ashes.

Kor Ix also did a reanimation and possession spell on Barsok, but it wasn't shown.

I am invisible.
There is no one who can defeat my Shadow Skill.
My one single blow is invisible!

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