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1. The Institute for Experimental Freedom is a transbioregional university of insurrectional arts. Contributing to the insurrectional project, the IEF creates and deconstructs radical aesthetics and elaborates on a historical and ecological materialist discourse. In regards to the distribution of ideas, the IEF focuses primarily on insurrectional theory and naratives of practice, critical race theory, post/transfeminisms, and anti-civilization through a "social eschatological" perspective. We are currently working on a compliation of Venezuelan anarchist anti-Chavista works and publishing and layout for a zine exploring the liberatory and negate-ive potential of re-subjectification of Otherized bodies through the use of the 'alt' and feminist porn. We also encourage study groups and create ciriculumns for which to explore. The IEF is in-part and attempt to wrestle detournement from the grasps of the adbusters-types and postmodern advertisers, and place it back into the hands of agents of revolt.
+ fashion for ecofascionistas? [...]like selling newspapers but with ambition


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praxis makes perfect or how to burn down the library and become a millionare

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