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Enjoy the sites and explore a bit. Find the time to reflect, move on, or go deeper.

View Photos, Art and Images on all topics. Art, Images and Photos

A Worldwide Directory of Animal Welfare Organisations. World Animal Net

Porn Site For The Entire Family. Christian Porn Site

Oh what visions come to our minds when we sleep. Share your dreams with thousands of other dreamers from around the world. Here you may find the meanings of your own dreams and help others find meaning to theirs. My own dreams come under the dreamer: Azurewolf. (I apologise for any awkwardness caused if YOU happen to feature in one or more of them!! Ha ha ha)

Music Inspires the Imagination and Tastes can be as Unique as any Individual

Tapio's Ronnie James Dio pages. DIO

Iron Maiden - Official Website. Iron Maiden

Ozzy Ozbourne. Ozzy Ozbourne

The Official Website for the most beautiful voice ever put to music. LOREENA McKENNITT Loreena McKennitt


Jackie Chan - A webring FULL of links to websites dedicated to Jackie Chan!!. Jackie Chan websites/links

Eternal Treblinka: Our Treatment Of Animals And The Holocaust. by Charles Patterson.
Eternal Treblinka


Lee Pullen's hard rock band Black Tide. Lee was my housemate in the early 1990's when we lived in Box Hill. I always found him to be a charasmatic, charming, and just a really really nice young man! From the depth of my heart to you Lee, CONGRATULTIONS on being a part of Black Tide and may each of you have continued success!!! luv Beck. The following is part of a write up for the band from the website "Music NT"
"The members have each been part of different projects in recent years. Drummer, Lee Pullen, whilst living in Melbourne was a member of the band "Dispersia" from which the other band members have now formed "Antiskeptic" signed to 88 records. Since his move to Alice Springs, he has also been playing in a hardcore Alice Band with a former member of "NoKTuRNL" Chris Horsfall." Music NT: Black Tide

Fabian (Son of Milo the Longrider) Folghera's band Enolas Secret are a fresh band from Adelaide Australia, forming in late '06. After writing and recording for the first 1/4 of '07 Enolas Secret have began to play shows and are wowing audiences wherever they play. Please check em out. They are an exceptionally good-looking group,with powerful music that is positvely well worth playing LOUD!
Genres: Pop, Rock, Other
Influences: world war II
Sounds Like: Underoath Emery Chiodos Saosin Lost prophets Marilyn Manson The drums of war.... ENOLAS SECRET


The Realm Between Two Worlds(All suggestions for a better title are most welcome!).
A Dark Romantic Fantasy(likened to Dungeons&Dragons crossed with Mills&Boon)
Fantasy/science fiction story ...With many of the characters inspired by people I've met in the Real World, and those who live in the imagination.(Post-roleplayer syndrome) Semi-interactive: weave your own tale inside this world, add your own tale in seperate posts, or simply enjoy reading this one. (story contains adult themes - not suited to children under 15 years of age)

AMRIS Online.(aka AMRIS Rodents and Rabbits).
AMRIS Online: Rodents and Rabbits
The online club for the Australian Mouse and Rat Information Service. This club is WORLDWIDE with many useful links and info reguarding rodent and rabbit species(wild and domestic).

Ancient Saints and Royalty.
Tell us what you know. Share your thoughts and views about these men and women who influenced history as saints or rulers of kingdoms.

Realm of Feelings and Thoughts(aka Written Images and Visual Words).
Welcome, and feel free to place your poetry and other written work here for others to share. Share what inspires YOU to write...think...believe.....

The Mitchell and Robinson Experience.
Genealology Club for those who have the following names somewhere in their Family Tree: Howarth, Donovan, McFadden, Hay,Boreham,Medlin, Warren, Pendellbury(or variations in spelling of these names), Finch, Hatton(Slattin?), Stevens, Ferrent, Temby, Youkhana, Dawson, Mitchell,Robinson and Birrell.

Well, they're not mine compleatly, but I am proud to be a part of the wonderful Christian family which makes up the very essence of Truth and Liberation Concern (Bayswater North, Victoria, Australia). Actually, the HOLY SPIRIT is the TRUE essence! However to be amongst those who make up the TLC community, one is turely blessed and amongst friends. The following sites are in some way or another linked/associated with TLC.

Truth and Liberation Concern Christian Church in Bayswater North Victoria is my home church. This is where I got Baptised and where I have made some treasured friends. (Margaret R. Rose O'B. and Jesse, Vic and Karen H, the lovely Nance S and Edna F and Loris L and many more precious people of FAITH) Praise be to JESUS! This mud-brick church was built in the days of John Smith's christian biker mob the God Squad. While things have changed a little over the years...that flavour of worship still please visit this site. We're a friendly, artistic and warm-hearted community where anyone and everyone and their dog are welcome! TRUTH and LIBERATION CONCERN

Longriders Christian Motorcycle Club in Australia Longriders CMC

The MUTUNGA Partnership - Helping the poorest help themselves! Mutunga is about making a real difference. Its inspiration comes from many iconic human beings: Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and especially Jesus of Nazareth and his work among the poor. We embrace the opportunity to co-operate with our sisters andd brothers in Africa and the Caribbean. Working together we can tackle chronic poverty at its root. The MUTUNGA Partnership

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In rememberence of Rosemary Dorn, Chris Williams, Howard Mitchell, Wilma Robinson (thanks for the Ford XP),Marie Mitchell, Steve Irwin, Tobias Cougar Mitchell (aka TOBY) and grandpa Mitchell's little foxyXjack russel Jacky. 1