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Birthday: July 13, 1977, in Louisiana, USA

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OCTOBER 26, 2003 - Ashley's Film 'Trespassing' Being Shown Now in New Orleans

At the first ever New Orleans Media Experience festival, Ashley's film 'Trespassing' will be shown. The festival runs from Oct. 26 to Nov. 1.

OCTOBER 26, 2003 - Ashley to Host 'Elite Model Look 2003' International Finals For Second Straight Year

Ashley will again host (along with actor-writer David Wu) the Elite Model Look 2003 international finals. Starting on Oct. 30 in Singapore, the contest itself is Nov. 8. Here is the article about it (to see the article, click here):

SINGAPORE : At just 14 years of age, and already standing at a towering height of 1.83m, Zhang Manlu is Singapore's representative in the upcoming Elite Model Look 2003 international finals.

Singapore is the second Asian country after Japan to host the 21-year-old contest, which will be held on Nov 8 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

The organising committee for the finals includes representatives from MS Twilight, the Elite Model management and the Singapore Tourism Board.

From Oct 30, an exciting line-up of events will kick off the contest leading to the spectacular finale, when more than 60 international models from over 50 countries will sashay down the runway at the stadium. The top three contestants will clinch a two-year guaranteed modelling contract worth US$325,000 ($565,000) from Elite.

Slated to host the contest are actress-model Ashley Scott and actor-writer David Wu, with performances by the UK's Derek MacDonald, Taiwan's Van Fan Yi Chen and Singapore's Tanya Chua.

Supermodels Cindy Crawford, Gisele Bundchen, Norchene Cherif and Yfke Sturm are among those whose careers were launched by the worldwide Elite model search.

OCTOBER 21, 2003 - Ashley to Play Wonder Woman?

Dark Horizons.com had a rumor on its Monday, October 20th news page about the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. The rumor says that a "Birds of Prey" creator is writing the movie, and that maybe Ashley will be cast as Wonder Woman! Personally, I think that even if she doesn't get the Wonder Woman lead part, she might get another part in the movie.

Here is the rumor:

"Wonder Woman" - "I think there's some movement which seems to be coming along nicely with Joel Silver still doing it and "Birds of Prey" creator Laeta Kalogridis penning. Early rumors of Sandra Bullock being roped into it again, also heard names like Ashley Scott and Eliza Duskhu as potential WW's. They're writing it really dark, and not campy, something along the lines of Batman and the new Catwoman. A 'name' male will co-star [they need a new franchise]."

OCTOBER 11, 2003 - Ashley Joins 'Into the Blue'

JoBlo had this to say about Ashley's new film (thanks to Dark Horizons.com for announcing it!)

Popcorn films! That's pretty much the type of movies Paul Walker has made since shooting to stardom - alongside a certain baldheaded ladykiller that goes by the name of Vin - in a little film about fast cars and hot women (or was is hot cars and fast women?) called THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS. On top of the pre-requisite sequel to that film (the original out-grossed its budget on opening weekend), Walker has waged war against a psycho truck driver in JOY RIDE and is scheduled to hit theatres next on November 26 in the Richard Donner directed adaptation of the Michael Crichton time travel novel, TIMELINE. Right now, Walker is ramping up to begin filming on another popcorn-esque flick, the underwater treasure hunter flick INTO THE BLUE with Jessica Alba and the freshly signed Ashley Scott (who you may remember as the painfully hot Gigilo Jane in A.I. If you don't, I've included a reminder below). But according to Variety, that streak of action-packed fluff will soon come to and end as the actor has signed on for a dramatic role opposite Susan Sarandon and Penelope Cruz in the Chazz Palminteri directed holiday film, NOEL. The story is said to center on the intertwining lives of several jaded Manhattanites who are moved by the magic of the Christmas season to rise above the problems they face. Awwwww. Word is that to prepare for the role Walker has signed up for a second class at the Keanu Reeves school of acting. Whoa.

AUGUST 28, 2003 - Ashley Will Not Be in Blade: Trinity

The Hollywood Reporter says that "7th Heaven vixen Jessica Biel" will star as "the daughter of Whistler" when 'Blade: Trinity' starts filming in Vancouver next month. Ashley did not get the part.

Too bad for Ashley. I guess her tiny part in 'S.W.A.T.' will have to do us for now.

AUGUST 22, 2003 - Ashley is "Celeb of the Day" at FilmForce

Here is some of what they had to say about her (to see the page, click here):

MINI-BIO: Born in Louisiana and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, Ashley Scott began modeling as a teenager. Her acting career began with a recurring role on the FOX TV series Dark Angel, as Asha Barlow. In 2001, Ashley made her feature film debut in Steven Spielberg's A.I. Artificial Intelligence, as the sexy Gigolo Jane. Ashley also starred in the short-lived WB series Birds of Prey. On the show, Scott portrayed Helena Kyle/The Huntress, the daughter of Selena Kyle (Catwoman) and Bruce Wayne (Batman). Recently, Ashley appeared in S.W.A.T..


BEST WORK: Birds of Prey.

UPCOMING PROJECTS: Ashley may star in Blade: Trinity. She next appears in the indie horror film Trespassing. And she's signed to star opposite The Rock in MGM's remake of Walking Tall.

AUGUST 22, 2003 - Ashley May Be in Blade 3 and a Spin Off

Here is what Sci Fi Wire said about it (click here to read their page):

Reynolds Eyed For Blade III

Ryan Reynolds is in talks to join Wesley Snipes in Blade: Trinity, the David Goyer-directed New Line drama and the newest installment in the vampire-hunter franchise, Variety reported. Reynolds will play Hannibal, a vampire hunter, who teams up with a female vampire hunter. Ashley Scott (The WB's canceled Birds of Prey) is being eyed for the role, the trade paper reported.

The pairing could lead to a spinoff film, Variety reported. Blade: Trinity is being produced by Lynn Harris, Peter Frankfurt, Wesley Snipes and Goyer, who also wrote the script.

APRIL 10, 2003 - Another New Site

I have a new web site that is devoted to Latin women in the entertainment world, called Latin Ballad. To visit it, click here. Thanks!

APRIL 10, 2003 - Rock & Republic Show

The Rocky Mountain News sent a reporter to Fashion Week in L.A. There she spotted Ashley at the Fur Free party that followed the Rock & Republic show (to see the full article, click here).

Here is the part where the reporter mentioned Ashley:

4. Make a political statement

This is LA, after all, where the stars are just itching to say something profound.

Eager to join in their quest, I attended the Fur Free party that followed the Rock & Republic show. The event, held to promote the anti-fur movement, had hordes of stars signing an anti-Dolce & Gabbana petition - the designers use baby-seal fur in some of their couture creations.

The entertainment was interesting. As guests entered the venue, the Beverly Hills High School cheerleaders performed anti-fur cheers ("Hey! Ho! Fur use has got to go!")

And then, while vegan sandwiches, sushi and chocolate chip cookies were passed around and liquor flowed freely from the open bar, I watched as the celebs partied around me. Who was there? Hosts Jennie Garth, Rachael Leigh Cook, Chynna Phillips (with mom Michelle), Ashley Scott and Amy Smart were joined by Danny Masterson, Tangi Miller, Dream and Daryl Hannah, who got wild on the dance floor.

MARCH 17, 2003 - Estella Warren and Ashley to Star in 'Trespassing'

Here is what the Hollywood Reporter had to say about Ashley's upcoming movie (to see the article, click here):

'Trespassing' rap for Warren, Scott

March 17, 2003

Estella Warren and Ashley Scott have teamed to star in the horror film "Trespassing" for H.S.I. Entertainment/Samy Boy Pictures. James Merendino is directing the project from his own script. "Trespassing," which is shooting in New Orleans, centers on a graduate student (Daniel Gillies) preparing his thesis on mythology who leads his friends on a research expedition to an old plantation estate on the outskirts of the Big Easy. The site is reputed to mysteriously cause madness and death to all who enter it. Warren and Scott play Gillies' friends who go along for the expedition. Clayne Crawford and Jeff Davis round out the cast. Producing "Trespassing" are H.S.I.'s Stavros Merjos and Adam Rosenfelt along with Pop Art Films' Sam Maydew. Samy Boy's Sam Nazarian will executive produce. Louisiana-based Lift Prods. is co-producing. Scott is repped by UTA, Original Management's Jonathan Perry and attorney Marcy Morris at Armstrong, Hirsch, Jackoway, Tyerman and Wertheimer. She appeared on "Birds of Prey" and next stars in Columbia Pictures' "S.W.A.T." Warren is repped by UTA, Untitled Entertainment's Stephanie Simon and Morris. Her credits include "Kangaroo Jack" and "Planet of the Apes." She next stars in Wayne Kramer's "The Cooler" for Lions Gate Films. Merendino's directing credits include "SLC Punk!" Gillies and Davis are repped by UTA. (Chris Gardner)

MARCH 15, 2003 - Ashley Speaks About Necklace

Ashley spoke to USA Today about her 'Fur Free' necklace. Here is what she said about wearing it (to see the full article, click here):

"Unlike a political button or a colored ribbon, this is a more subtle approach to standing up for a cause," says Scott, star of the WB's canceled Birds of Prey. "It's also just a cool piece of jewelry."

MARCH 14, 2003 - Ashley Member of 'Fur Free Society'

The New York Post.com had this article that mentioned Ashley (to see it, click here). Here is what it said:

No, it's not 'Fast Forward'

Actress Frances Fisher will sport an Alex & Ani "FF" necklace during this Sunday's Screen Actor's Guild Awards in Hollywood - but it's not what you think.

The "FF" stands for "Fur Free." It's part of the Humane Society of the United States' Fur Free Society, the brainchild of former Imitation of Christ partner Danny Seo. Celebs sporting the necklace include Rosario Dawson, Rachael Leigh Cook, Chynna Phillips, Dominique Swain, Evan Rachel Wood, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Tatum O'Neal, Liz Phair and Ashley Scott.

MARCH 14, 2003 - Why Did 'Birds of Prey' Die?

I'm still surprised that 'Birds of Prey' is canceled. It was the second show that Ashley acted in to be canceled in a year ('Dark Angel' being the other).

The show started with strong ratings. Then its audience quickly left it. People tried it, and didn't want it. Why? What was the problem?

The WB felt the producers did a poor job making the show. The show's producers had their own thoughts on it all. I myself think that some of the casting for the show was plain wrong. They tried to make the show too much like 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer', and failed. But I think the main reason is people tried this show out hoping it would have a strong connection to Batman. Batman, Catwoman, and the Joker were all in commercials the WB were heavily using to promote this series. When people checked the show out, and saw no Batman, Catwoman, Joker, or any hope of ever seeing them, they stopped watching. Alfred the Butler just wasn't enough to bring in a big audience, I'm afraid.

NOVEMBER 11, 2002 - Birds of Prey to be Canceled?

Rumors are going around that Birds of Prey will be canceled. It seems that the ratings have fallen a lot from the first episode. I guess this is the time to tell your friends to watch the show, while they still can! Anyway, Superhero Hype had this report:

Birds of Prey Not Getting Picked Up?

Thursday, November 7, 2002 12:26 CST

An anonymous source inside the Birds of Prey production has informed us that The WB is not picking up the comic book series for the full season.

We have to stress that this hasn't been confirmed with The WB, but we don't see of any reason why the source would be misinformed.

Last night's fifth episode, "Sins of the Mother," pulled in a rating of 4.1/6, almost identical to that of last week's 4.0/6 rating, and ranked in fifth place during the 9pm hour.

The third episode got a rating of 4.8/7, the second 4.6/7 and the premiere episode 6.4/9.

OCTOBER 31, 2002 - Are you Huntress this Halloween?

If you are going as Huntress this Halloween, send in a photo of yourself, and I'll put it on this site. The TV version, or one of the three DC Comics versions. Unless it's too insane to show!

OCTOBER 12, 2002 - Ashley's New Movie

The Hollywood Reporter says that Ashley will star in the Sony-produced feature 'S.W.A.T.' The movie already stars Colin Farrell, Samuel L. Jackson, LL Cool J, and Michelle Rodriguez.

The film will be about "an arrested crime lord who is transported by an LAPD Special Weapons and Tactics team -- led by Jackson's character -- out of the city and into federal custody. Plans go awry when the kingpin offers $100 million to anyone who can free him."

Thanks to 'Cinema Confidential' for this! (To see the article, click here.)

Congratulations Ashley!

OCTOBER 12, 2002 - Birds of Prey Hit for The WB

The premiere of Birds of Prey had 7.56 million viewers, double the number of views The WB had in that time slot last year. Also, it had the second-highest performance in WB history in adults 18 through 34 with a 5.0/14 and men 18 through 34 with a 5.4/15, according to Nielsen Media Research data.

What all of this means is, it looks like we don't have to worry about the show being canceled! Ashley will be hopping around New Gotham for a while to come!

OCTOBER 10, 2002 - Newsday Birds of Prey Review

Here is a review of Birds of Prey that Newsday ran (to see it, click here).

High-Flying Crime Fighters

Girls just want to have fun - and save Gotham in 'Birds'

By Diane Werts STAFF WRITER October 9, 2002 TV REVIEW

BIRDS OF PREY. A female Terrific Trio succeeds the male Dynamic Duo in New Gotham crime fighting. DC Comics meets The WB in flashy action mixed with identity angst. Series premiere tonight at 9 on WPIX/11.

The WB's new "Birds of Prey" wastes no time tonight in setting up either its hot young action heroines or its slick style of fantastical visuals and quippy butt-kicking. Give them 15 minutes, they'll give you their world.

Complicated it may be, but it's also clear and clever. The titular New Gotham trio (based on DC Comics characters) form sort of a "Gotham's Angels," brave babes busily "saving the city from some apocalyptic bad-guy plan" under the cover of the secret identities everybody has in a show like this. Girls just wanna have fun, "fighting crime lords and supervillains."

Hard to relate? Nah. Between colorful crime-busting vignettes, they're everyday pals squabbling over groceries and neuroses. "I'm as broody and romantically self-destructive as the next girl," claims Barbara Gordon (Dina Meyer), the former Batgirl, now a schoolteacher in a wheelchair keeping cybertabs on the field adventures of her protégée. Helena's reluctant Huntress (Ashley Scott) ranges the night to satisfy her Batman-Catwoman lineage, when she isn't tending bar and bemoaning their avocation's "lousy hours, nonexistent pay, no recognition."

Before long, teen new girl in town Dinah (Rachel Skarsten) adds her gift of "metahuman" mind reading, despite the Huntress' vexed objection that "we don't have an opening for junior supergirl."

Tonight's moving-right-along premiere not only pulls us in but promises plenty. Although last season's WB super-hour "Smallville" made a bang-up pilot (from the same Tollin/Robbins Productions team), the series quickly settled into unlikely Superpower of the Week scenarios among the tiny burg's asteroid-struck denizens. Seems rural high schoolers couldn't truly exploit the setup's possibilities.

The "Prey" chicks benefit from a whole urban landscape in which to play and a host of comic book baddies to battle, plus a deeper well of broader identity issues and psycho-entanglements derived from different DC series. Barbara mourns her lost movement, Dinah explores her new independence and Helena addresses her ancestry anguish under the care of a sneaky shrink (Mia Sara). Meantime, the complex connections among the three different-age heroines set up explorations of modern female relationships. Good-looking guy characters get to have issues, too, popping up at school and on the street, as co-workers and suspicious cops.

What, you weren't expecting pretty? Yes, it's a WB drama. Like its net- mates, "Birds of Prey" boasts sharp casting of little-known performers whose personalities prove as feistily engaging as their exquisite looks. And, of course, they're smart talkers. The Huntress doesn't just physically whup bad guys, she skewers 'em verbally: "I hate a man with no endurance. Really, what's the point?"

Barbara vividly relives how she used to "race across rooftops under the moon." Even the requisite ever- present police detective (Shemar Moore) gets lines like "Myths are just the truth a fewgenerations later." Those Gilmore Girls have nothing on this Shakespeare- spouting crew.

Visual effects are no less striking, though this is the kind of pilot hour that's so juiced- up, you have to wonder whether next week's "regular" episode can match the gothic austerity meant to mirror Frank Miller's Dark Knight comics. Barbara's computer lair envelops her in virtual reality action, while Dinah's "sight"-seeing and Helena's mind trips come to life in sleek black-and-white. Throughout all the flying leaps and urban warfare, Helena's lipstick stays fresh, her flowing cape perfectly pressed. She does, however, admit it's "hell on your nails." See how ordinary these girls are?

OCTOBER 8, 2002 - Autograph

I got the above photo from an auction site. The photo looks nice, but, I also wanted to put it up to show you what Ashley's autograph looks like (hopefully, it is not a fake).

OCTOBER 7, 2002 - Commercials for Birds of Prey

I've noticed that the CNN channels have been showing a lot of Birds of Prey commercials. Which is good, since it shows that WB are trying hard to make this show succeed.

Birds of Prey has its 70 minute premiere on Wednesday night on WB in the U.S.A. (I'll be watching it on ASN in Atlantic Canada). Let's hope it's a hit!

OCTOBER 3, 2002 - Second Photo From WB Fall Press Tour

OCTOBER 1, 2002 - TV Guide Insider

Here is what the TV Guide Insider said about Birds of Prey. Ashley is mentioned, of course.

(To see the article, click here.) They have the above photo with the article.

Birds' Fine-Feathered Superfriends

Tuesday, October 1, 2002

Can we please get a big "Oh, you poor dears!" for the superbabe crime-fighters of the WB's glossiest new guilty pleasure, Birds of Prey (making its debut Oct. 9). Not only is the dynamic trio entrusted with the thankless job of cleaning up New Gotham without Batman's help, but they do their perp-busting while wearing to-die-for duds that are better suited for bar-hopping than leaping tall buildings in a single bound.

For instance, no Joker... er, joker... would argue that Ashley Scott looks anything but arresting in the corseted dominatrix outfit she wears in the premiere. However, says the newcomer, who plays the Huntress, the love child of the Caped Crusader and Catwoman: "I couldn't breathe [in that gear]! It's sexy, but good God, is it uncomfortable!

"And to fight in... " she continues. "Well, it's not very realistic."

We'll say. Every time Scott went to put her foot in a foe's mouth, her form-fitting pants split. (While we're sure that would do wonders for the show's ratings, it also undoubtedly would make the Huntress the, ahem, butt of the baddies' jokes.) "So we're changing some of the attire," reveals the actress, "so the Huntress can actually fight and kick above someone's head."

The Huntress's wardrobe isn't the only heroine problem ruffling feathers on the Birds set, either. As Dinah, a psychic teen taken in by a wheelchair-bound Batgirl (Dina Meyer), Rachel Skarsten wears street clothes. Unfortunately, it appears to the starlet that said avenue must be closer to Mayberry than Melrose.

"[The producers] had this crazy notion that people from small towns [like Dinah] are simply not cool," she sighs. "So they put me in simple, little-girl clothes.

"As my character evolves, I guess I'll get the hip [threads]," she adds optimistically. "Yesterday we had a photo shoot for all the different shows, and [you could peruse] all the racks of clothes for each different show. When you look at our rack, you're like, 'Wow, we are lucky, man. These are some good clothes.'" — Charlie Mason with Michael Ausiello

SEPTEMBER 29, 2002 - Photo From WB Fall Press Tour

SEPTEMBER 23, 2002 - New Photo

SEPTEMBER 22, 2002 - Ashley Talks About her Dyslexia

Teenhollywood.com had an interview with Ashley and Dina Meyer (to see the full interview, click here).

The article is "Dina Meyer and Ashley Scott: Flying High September 18, 2002 by Lynn Barker".

Here is the introduction for the article:

Hot actresses Dina Meyer and Ashley Scott play Oracle (the former Batgirl) and Huntress (daughter of Batman and Catwoman) in the new WB sci-fi/action series Birds of Prey which is based on the DC comic book. Red-haired Dina is well known to sci-fi fans for her roles in Johnny Mnemonic, Starship Troopers and the new Star Trek: Nemesis where she’ll play a Romulan Commander. Brunette Ashley Scott was a model, was a sexy femmebot in the film A.I. and played a Robin Hood style criminal in the Dark Angel TV series. We recently caught up with these pretty birdies at a Warner Brothers poolside rooftop party atop the famous Hollywood and Highland complex next to the new Kodak Theater.

Below are the parts where Ashley was interviewed.

Ashley, naturally slim, is into cooking, watching the food channel on TV and horseback riding. She wasn’t a fan of the comic but took learning about the Huntress character seriously. "I read her character background. This girl went through a lot. She lost her mother and there’s a lot of anger behind that. I have a lot of friends who’ve lost parents. They’re angry at the time. They gave me a little rundown but I just made it up and I hope it works for the fans." Being a rebel with an attitude was something that came naturally to the actress. Part of her own anger stemmed from a problem with dyslexia. "I’ve always been a good kid. I was raised incredibly well, I’m a loving person but when I was younger I gave [rebellion] a good go. I was very active but I was dyslexic and had a really hard time at school. You have some anger from that. I think a lot of my rebellion came from being angry from the get-go. I’m so thankful that nowadays there are ways to detect it early."

Ashley’s reading problem still effects her work today but she copes beautifully. "I have a hard time retaining the lines. Even on set I make mistakes but I’m okay with that. Writing is weird. I have trouble with print so I write cursive and in my mind that writes properly. I’ll read a paragraph and go off but I’ll read it again. I try to get my scripts a week earlier and work three times harder. But I make it. Other actors flub their lines too."

Ashley admitted that her rebellion started at an early age with tattoos and a tongue-piercing. "Mom was not impressed. I was young and thought it was hip and cool. I read for a Disney film so I took it out and I couldn’t talk well. Now, for this show, they like it but I have a fear that I’ll be 30 years old [she’s 25] with my tongue pierced. My tattoo is a phoenix. I got the first when I was 16. I hid it for years. My mom saw the tattoo on my back through a white dress and I had to come clean. I’m done for now. I made a promise that when I’m 50, if I want another one…we’ll see."

Ashley has always been impressed with catwoman, her 'mom' now deceased in the show. "I love Michelle [Pfeiffer]. I’m trying for her kind of catty style and wit. But she hasn’t got anything on my real mom, though."

The actress is sure the show’s femme appeal will please fans. "It’s great just having three active young women. I think it’s nice to see three strong women on TV out there doing what’s right."

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