Ashlie Nykhole Green
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Note from Mom and Dad:  Ashlie we Love you.  Thanks to everyone for all the prayers, support and kind emails. 
Hello my Name is Ashlie (My dad is actually writing this).  I am 2 years old and have  been diagnosed with NK Precursor Cell Leukemia.  I'm told I was  the youngest  child to ever have this.  I  had my transplant on Sept. 29, 2000.  .  My favorite cartoons are the Veggie Tales, Power Puff Girls, and Blues Clues..
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SPECIAL  THANKS to all the staff at the UK Childrens Hospital and to the Cincinnati Childrens Hospital.  I will not mention names here, due to respect of my doctors & nurses.  Special Thanks to my Pediatrician.  Special thanks to Ashlies 3 oncologist at UK Childrens and the 5 Bone Marrow Transplant Doctors at Cincinnati Childrens Hospital.   Your professionalism was able to determine Ashlie's rare form of Leukemia and ensure her proper protocol. 
Also a Special Thanks to Ashlie's Nurses, you all have taken a personal interest in Ashlie and made her stay as comfortable as possible. 
Current Status:
Passed away 1:17 pm March 15, 2001 at the  Cincinnati Childrens Hospital ICU.  I..  I have what's believed to be a pulmonary hemorage, due to a bronkoskipi.   I also had GVHD in my bowels and have CMV in my lungs.     Thanks to everyone for all your prayers, support, and kind email.    In future I plan to make this a memorial page to Ashlie.
My Leukemia Story:
I have a mom, dad, and a 5 year old big brother .  I also have a Granny & Grand-Dad Green,  Grandpa Abraham, and Mam-mal Jackson.  .
My mom took me to the doctor on a Monday for a high fever, which I had had for several days.  Immediately the Pediatrician recognized my condition and sent me to the UK Childrens hospital in Lexington, KY.    Since then, I have undergone 4 cycles of Chemotherapy and a Bone Marrow Transplant.  The transplant was very successfull until I developed problems with EBV and CMV..
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