This page is dedicated to our friends Pages and pages that are fairly new to the Web. Not all of these pages are Beatle related but they are all worth taking a look at. If you have a site that is new to the internet and would like a link to your site please E-mail us.

1. Mad Hatter's Page

This our friend Mike's page. We met Mike throught E-mail and he eventually just became our good page bud! His page has lots of MIDI's to listen to while surfing. He is planning on adding a profile page. At the moment he is grounded from use of the computer. Which by the way is killing us! He is like our best little e-mail bud and it is hard not to talk to him for a while! Oh well anyways, go visit Mike!!!!!

2.Paul McReynold's Page

This is Mike's friend Paul, we have never really talked to him, but, he's Mikes' friend.

3. Nicole's Page

This is Nicole's page! Nicole is a fellow Ringo lover, and a nice person too! Go visit her I LOVE RINGO page!

4. Robyn's Page

Well there are not too many things on her page at the moment. But she will get it all up and running again very soon, so bookmark it!

5. Hippie Heaven

This is Hippie Heaven! The backgrounds and buttons rock and so does the context!!!!

6. Lovely Rita's Page

7. Andino on the Web

This is Chris -our Oldest friend on the net!!! Seriously when Ash and I first got on the net a couple of years ago; he was the first fellow Beatle Fan we met. Since then he has gotten off AOL and so has Ash, and he doesn't reply to e-mails speedily anymore. Oh well, still cool! :-)

8. WBFC's Home Page(This is a Beatles Newsletter we receive

This is I guess the second Beatle Related thing we did on the net after discovering our friend Andino! This is a Beatles Newsletter that Ash and I joined and I must say, it is pretty cool. It origionally started as an AOL based newsletter, but spread to the internet. I (Carolyn) have belong to many Beatle Clubs and Newsletters and this seems to be my only consitant one! Go visit this site and read an Issue of the newsletter and drop them a line if you want to join, but be sure to mention that Ashley and Carolyn sent you!!!!

9. Darwin's Audio Evolution

This is our friend that we met in the SoHo chatroom. His page has tons of MIDI files, most of which he has done himself. His page is pretty cool, and it has an awesome link to us :-)

10. Juxx's Page

This is one of my latest friends from the SoHo chat room. His page is pretty cool!!!

11. Stooner's Shrine

This is our friend Stooner. We met him in SoHo chat. And despite the fact he is always changing forms on us, he is really nice!!!!! We found grounds to chat with stooner because he lives in the same great state that we do. His shrine has many interesting things to see and some awesome poetry to read, And the backdoors aren't too shabby either(We don't think they should be deleted) If you want Stooner to keep his backdoors tell him. Go visit his page and be sure to bring your sense of humor!!!!!!!

12. Shanky Man's Poetry Page

This is our friend Alex from Australia whom we met in the SoHo chat room. Alex is a nice young bloke (oh I don't know ask him). Carolyn has fun teasing his cyber girlfriends because two can play that messing with minds game :-) Go visit him!
Here's his other page

13. Pharathyse's Page

This is Phara. She is AWESOME. Go check out her happening page and go see her in the SoHo Loft.

14. Beatlemanias Shoppe

This is an awesome online Beatles shop where you can order on line or just e-mail your mailing address and recieve a catalog. Very cool! Check it out.

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