Ash's Page

Mean pikachu you got there son!

Hugs for the "chu"-ster.

Styles!! Love that hat!

Yipi Ky Aye!!


Go...bulbasaur (probably)!

A moment of retrospect.

Is it a bird?

Is it a plane?

No, it's me in another episode!!

Poké Ball go!!

You there, with a pikachu on your head...

The wind up!

The catch!

Does he know he's holding a voltorb. He's in for a shock (sorry!!)

Never ever have I ever felt so low... (or perhaps Under the Bridge would have been more appropriate!)

A big fan of Churchill is our Ash!

Go...Bulbasaur...hmmm, anyone starting to spot a pattern in Ash's gameplan? Vine Whip attack anyone?!?!


Stupid Ash

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