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Well, this is Brock. Possibly the best of the "goodies" in Pokémon. Brock is the all-moral, all-knowing, all-girl-chasing guy in the group, and also the first trainer that Ash beats to start his badge collection. His ability to chat up girls knows no bounds, especially not within taste or decency. He voted that Ash's mom win the bikini contest. What more needs be said?! Sit back and enjoy some pictures, then listen to some of Brock's quips with the sound files below.


Brock foolishly mocks Misty. He is soon to receive maximum footage to the face!

Brock in walking mode.

Don't hold your breath for the outcome...

Say "aaaah" Brock! Why doesn't he have any tonsils?

Embarassment...again! You'll get used to this!

Nice apron.


An unusual alliance.

Torch antics.

Brock avec Togepriiiiiii!

Are they annoyed do you think?

What an ineffectual choice of Pokémon.

Brock has his cake...but can he eat it? He does have tonsils then!

The throw!

Jigglypuff strikes again!

The wind up!


Its that red line again!

Riceballs away!

You have an onix sprouting from your spine sir!

Brock's sadly inferior replacement for the second series. Goes by the bizarrely feminine name of 'Tracey'! Strange, but nice headband!!

"I don't care, I'm desperate!"
"Nothing beats a jelly-filled doughnut!!"
"She's beautiful!"
"So, who are the girls?"
"That was really disturbing!"

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