Miscellaneous Stuff

This is the page for which no adequate description could be written. It contains many sounds that didn't fit in the other "themed" pages, as well as some more pictures of various Pokémon that I just happened to have lying around.

First Series Intro This is a biggy! Download it first. (3,028KB)
Second Series Intro This one is also big! (3,001KB)
My Best Friends Exerpt (670KB)
2BA Master Exerpt (663KB)
Pikachu (30KB)
Drowzee (61KB)
Here we have Ash's rival Gary.
And this is Officer Jenny. She is incapable of speaking quietly!
And this is Nurse Joy. She has many Chanseys as assistants. Hmmm!
Professor Oak
And Professor Oak's mysteriously pixellated double!!!
Cute? We think so! Needs exterminating!!