The Seiji Clan

Ken-ichi Seiji (30 years old, Male) - the 16th head of the Seiji Clan. First born son of Aoko Seiji. Red hair, Violet Eyes… the new wielder of the Sword Kotetsu.

Aoko Seiji - the 15th head of The Seiji Clan, had been missing for 6 years. She is the strongest warrior of the Seiji clan and the 2nd Empress of Nai.

Masao Seiji - the 13th head, Aoko's adoptive grandfather.

Masahiro Seiji- supposed to be the 14th head, he had the title but it was the 13th who was ruling. Aoko's adoptive father.

Michiko Seiji (Fuji)- The eldest daughter of Masahiro and Eri Seiji… she is supposed to be the 15th head but since she was married to Lord Hirotomi Fuji she declined the headship.

Masanobu Seiji- one of the most celebrated heads of the Seiji Clan.