The Specials Unit

The specials unit is a group where each member is specializing in one special type of skill


Zun [zoon] (the ability to feel Chi, Reiki, Aura or any similar energies found in the body from a distance...think a human radar system) - Miya Akazuki, 28, f (head of the zun tower)

Tou [to-u]( the ability to increase strength in a period of time)- Tsumura Yeijiro, 29, m

Cho [cho] (the ability to increase speed in a period of time)- Mashita Kazue,27, f

Gai [gai] (the ability to change appearance at will)-Eto Giichi, 28, m

Zung [zang] ( having this ability increases your magic capabilities-sorcerer class)- Liu Xiu ling, 28, f

Gui [gu-i] (has the ability to increase reiki at a given time)- Kyubei Hayato, 29,m

Sha [sha] (masters of silent killing)- Seiji Morie, 26, m

Shang [shang] (the ability to copy anything-persons or even techniques) Seiji Kahori, 27,f