"Phantom Killer" at 18 months old
        Senador is the bloodline I developed and maintained for over 18 years of intensive breeding. The stock is heavy in the Democrat line, a little roundhead and a touch of Leiper hatch, all of which are veterans in the pit. It is a proven line that is very consistent all these years. My records in Arizona pits will justify that statement.
         These fowls are smart, quick, hard hitters, break extremely well and dead game. When on the ground the shuffle seems unending. The pure Senador line has a red plumage, 75% peacomb, 25% straight comb, and yellow legged. It sometimes comes out white hackled and green/white legs, from hatch-roundhead genes.
         There is however a new line of breed the green legs Senador with heavier proportion of hatch enhanced with brown red, spiced with the smarts of democrat- roundhead. These are as deadly as their yellow legged relatives.  This unique breed comes in dark red and 95% green legs.




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