Superb soundboard quality show from Capitol Center - Landover, MD, USA.  May 26, 1977. "The good thing about this Landover soundboard is the prominence of the bass guitar and the drums of John Bonham. In fact you can hear numerous comments from the great man throughout the concert, which is nice. He rather enthusiastically enters Achilles Last Stand before all the guitar sound effects that end Jimmy Page's solo have finished, and the maestro launches into the opening guitar riff. We tend to focus on Jimmy Page and his wonderful guitar playing, and Robert Plant's amazing vocals, but the real power and driving force of Led Zeppelin was of course John Paul Jones and the incredible drums from John Bonham. There is nobody on Earth that could ever replace John Bonham, he was a totally unique and quite incredibly astounding drummer" Quote: J McT.


Front art / back art below. Scans of insert not shown here.