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Arus Pelangi ("Rainbow Stream") was formed in January 2006 in response to a desperate need in Indonesia for formal legal representation of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Communities. This push for representation came from both individuals and LGBT organisations who called out for an organisation that could represent and promote LGBT rights which are seriously undermined.
The vision of the founding fathers of the Republic of Indonesia has always been a plurarist, multi-cultural society where even sexual minorities should have their rightful place.
Vision and Mission
Arus Pelangi strives to affect the societal norms and perceptions towards the LGBT communities in such a way as to create a higher level of equality and respect for LGBT in Indonesia, and to increase an overall awareness of the rights of the LGBT communities as human beings and citizens.

Arus Pelangi's primary focus is as follows:

  • To increase the awareness, effectiveness and overall strength of the LGBT communities.
  • To take an active role in the process of formal policy reform and protection of the LGBT communities.
  • To take a strong role in the socialisation of LGBT towards the public in order to facilitate LGBT's position in the middle of society.

If I could have one wish granted to reverse an injustice,
it is for the world to end the persecution of people
because of their sexual orientation,
which is every bit as unjust as that crime
against humanity, apartheid.

~ Desmond Tutu, South Africa ~

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Vision & mission