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MeH iSh TaKeN bY rIcKy LeE.. SoLlIeZ bOiZ... mEh IsH aH vIrGiN.. DuH!.. mEh IsH a GiRl..
NoT aH wOmEn YeT..(13)...MoI bEsHgErL iSh KrIsTiNa AlAs.. ShEh IsH lAtIn.. ChUe GoTz
Ah PrObLeM?? gO fUcK cHuRsElF!!.. aS cHu KaN tElL.. mEh IsH mEaN sUmTiMeZ.. eYe BaCk
Up MoI gErLz N bOiZ.. dAtZ aBoUt It... Oh YeA..
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Tou Houa++Peter*KuMmIn SoOn*

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Chong and Judy

++BaBiEz RoX++
Anthony and Dinah

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Kia++Sandy Xiong++Vanessa Xiong

++MoI oThEr PaGeY++

++WaTz MeH sAyIn LaTeLeY tAh ChUeZ??++
chong kame ova wit anthony and kong yesterday... dey slept ova...
i went to sleep at da hospital wit teng... it was boring... i ate too much yesterday...
im tired.. but i kant sleep... yz dat?... i aint gotz shit tah say..
so.. peace outz!!

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++Dinah Gao Sheng Xiong++

++Anthony Murphy Pha++

++Anthony Pha and Dinah Xiong++

++My Family++

Anthony and me+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+Dinah and me

Anthony Murphy Pha and Judy Yang (Xiong)

Anthony Murphy Pha and Kong Pha

Anthony Murphy Pha and Kong Pha

Chong Yang (Pha) and Kong Pha

Chong Yang (Pha), Anthony Murphy Pha and Kong Pha

Chong Yang (Pha) and Judy Yang (Xiong)

Chong Yang Pha), Me, and Judy Yang (Xiong)

Grandma and Dinah, Grandpa and Anthony

Chong and Anthony, Judy and Dinah

Kabo, Goua, Amay, Chong#1, Hlee, Vana, Chong, Judy, Jennifer(me)

Judy Yang (Xiong) and Dinah Gao Sheng Xiong

Judy Yang (Xiong) and Pheng Xiong

Maylin Pazong Yang

Mom, Anthony Pha, and Dinah Xiong


Koa and Eong

Sandy Xiong++cLiCk On HeR pIcHa FoE hEr PaGe

Vanessa Xiong++LiCk On HeR pIcHa FoE hEr PaGe

Jack Vang


Vong Vang++LiCk On HiS pIcHa FoE hIs PaGe

Vannie Yang

++LiTo TaH dO lIsT dAt ChU gOtTa DoE bEfOe LeAvIn MoI pAgE!++
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