Rojas Family is one family that survived many dilemmas over the past years. For generations, they strive to survive and adapt to their problems. From the marriage of Sir and Ma'am Rojas, the historic entrance of colours started. But before, they are like strangers of the Cagayan abattoir, seeking out. True that they made it, the name is seen, slowly making successive scars within the hostile land hat was infested by foreigners. Anyways, they had given many delightful children. A happy family indeed, albeit of a tragic ending and suffering. Chaos bloomed, notwithstanding their differences, they worked for survival. Faith and hope are visualized. As juvenile body equipped with sensible knowledge, they had been able to work it out with ease. They sought help, and thankfully, had been heard. Until they were successful, they work hard, with ease, and in faith. One of the children is Samuel, his name was from Samuel, meaning "God hath heard". He graduated and married Leila. Leila's life is complicated and is full of suffering and burden, and by love, was given a chance to show her goodness and stand back before her weights. They had children and grew. Influenced by the traumas, actions, philosophy and darkness of the cruel hypocrites, they are of the crooked line. Allysa is the elder, but in a crooked manner, was taught traumas, including Christian. Darwin was the third, and also the obedient one. One day, he was influenced by his friends to be hideous in the social life. The youngest, Clarissa, was avoided to the dark side because they had learned the evil deeds they had done. The two had realized that they are what they are so they had to change them to good persons before it's too late. This branch is one typical life of theirs, and to other Rojas.

The Valenzuela-Rojas Family tree



Samuel is the father of the family. He teaches the family the way of life, especially to his children. Not because he wants listeners to his experiences, he wants them to learn from those stories. Aside from her kindness and happiness cherished through this life, the man was once, should say, the loneliest man in their life. In that time he realized death. Sure, Death never stopped on his spree, but this once hard boy had hope that he would commit happiness someday. Being the supportive one in the family, he took and made those responsibilities, big or small. He lived a hard life, through disciplines.

He had a wonderful life, with his wife. Though many crashes in the family, he still moves on with hopeful chances to his goal with God.


Leila is a beautiful girl once, with a burdensome life. She is hardworking, reverent and treats you like a friend, a company, a sister or a brother. As a juvenile woman, she suffered satiable burdens life has to offer. She was oppressed, used, and tormented, not only physically but mentally, too, because she was an illegitimate child. But she endured and overcome these problems because of the support of other people to her, especially, of God. She never lose hope, became faithful to Him, and alas, she succeeded these. She had a wonderful husband and some delightful children to share her kindness.

But these obstacles are only starting to heat up, as both faces enemies, foes and the ups and downs of this stronghold. The fight continues...


She is the oldest of the family. She was raised by her parents in their first home, in 1990. She had been grown in a caring manner.


He is born the third. He is born healthy, unlike his other brother. He is energetic at all times, and he is hardworking. In fact, he was the most hardworking child in the children. He was not good at school. Harsh but true, he was poor at academics. Good thing he was helped by his family. The results are good. Let's just hope he would pass.


She was the youngest, and then, the spoiled one. She is chubby and likes to eat a lot.  She is smart, like his brother, when he was a child. She has been outstanding in his class. She is like Darwin, and likes to be outdoors. Also, she was friendly, having many friends. She is stubborn all the time, but tends to change sometimes. Regardless of that trait, she is the "entertainer" of the family.

Christian, has a different story. Although written above, there are good things hidden inside this little boy. Many things about his past are concealed within the opaque experiences. And is only known to be smart among his siblings. through his life he was ended up being beaten by the harsh actions made by his relatives. His light was shown off to his parents when he was conscious about what's happening around him. Until now, he's struggling the fight between his and them. But not bad things are happening to him, sometimes are good. He had a good life, with a fit body, had a good pack of friends and had a good relationship with his family.