CONGRATULATIONS! Andy Doerksen wrote on "A mystery solved . . . ?" (see below). CRITICISM: Maybe there was never such thing as a "star": as a planet or as a comet or as a star... But something like a divine object (like the object over Israel guiding Moses: like a cloud in daytime and as a light during the night: or huge Ariel), able to send a light beam very specific, like a "laser beam", guiding some true righteous Jethro's descendents travelling during night under center of such like "day time light".


They came to Jerusalem guided by such beam, that outside light circle was seen on sky like a "normal star": thus none priests found it to be a symbol of divine signal.


When travellers gave their message (what "Star intended them to provide") to priests of Judaism and usurper king, the "Divine Star KNEW/heard what direction to take".


Thus next night guided the Wise Men to move to Bethlehem, under the center of spot of light. When they arried to the correct place, the spot departed from them. And concentraded where the baby was born and decreased in size over the place the new baby, remote future king of Israelites and Ishmaelites, was born.


Thus worshiped first to the ONE GOD in HEAVEN (to SUPREME JEHOVAH) and "praised" to the baby, their brother, king of Heaven born as a simple mortal (not as a powerul mortal king, not as the "POWERFUL" AWAITED MESSIAH, not as the incarnated JEHOVAH GOD living as a mortal). We all were first born in Heavenly Jerusalem.


And ofered him gifts that are worthy of such heavenly king, now a plain mortal, powerless of active divinity. They departed next night, travelling under the center of a beam light, directly returning to the place from where they were doing business when JEHOVAH called them to honor such important SERVANT: Moses anounced was to be born. (THE CONVENTIONAL "FABLE")