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Kabbala, Christian


A spirit current toward end 15. Century, which sought to connect the Kabbala with the Christian teachings.

The Italian Humanist pico della Mirandola (1463-1491), the Hebrew writings in the original to read could and intensively with the Jewish magic writings busy, held themselves the opinion that all wisdom teachings, even if they deviated from each other decreased/went back to truth.

it, 900 theses from the areas Kabbala, magic, theology, physics tried 1486, to defend mathematics etc. publicly whereby it interconnected antikes, Christian and Jewish ideas. Beside Johannes Tritheim (1462-1516) and Agrippa v. Nettesheim the Christian Kabbala was developed particularly by Reuchlin, which laid down its theory in three works: De verbo (1494), Arcana academia (1517) and De arte cabbalistica (1517).

In the Kabbala is according to its opinion a deep Theosophie, which one can use for the defense of the Christianity and the harmonization of the sciences. God is served the boundless (EN soph), itself during the world creation of his son Adam Kadmon (JESUS CHRIST??? ADAM´s son?) as intermediaries. In it live the forces of the Sephiroth, which leads the goettlichen forces by the universe. Between God and humans mental natures are settled.

The Christian Kabbala found in 16. Century large spreading and was connected with the Alchemie. The Christian Kabbala with commentated latin translation of the three oldest pieces of the Sohars (Kabbala denudata) reached their high point, the Knorr of Rosenroth (1636-1689) in the years 1677/78 and 1684 published. Jesu Christ is equated by it with Adam Kadmon, (YOUR SITE ABOUT ADAM-God appears to be plain ESOTERISM BASED TO DESTROY-CORRUPT LDS RELIGION, AS TARGET) and the three upper Sephiroth (Kether, Binah, Chokmah) correspond the Dreifaltigkeit (God father, God son and holy spirit).

Also the gold and rose cruisers 18. Century and MacGregor Mathers were affected by this current.


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