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Não é para Brasileiros. THIS IS NOT FOR usual “BRAZILIANS” of FOTOSSUD, speaking PORTUGUESE. Target is for people of sects of JUDAISM (KABBALAH, esoterism: quite like SUFISM of Islam/Muslim) and for apostates of CHRISTIAN-Mormonism as religions. It is interesting that US Government “forced” Church to end “legal plural marriage” to allow it go on out “free of law”: just a way to “depreciate and accuse” plenty of “legal citizens, Christian-Mormons community”, mainly through frequent news media coverage, to accuse LDS (by induced fraud) as being such “living illegal community, but practicing clear full evil sinful lifestyle”. For them also are these Christmas comments. Also there are “pressures” for Church provide “full priesthood” rights to LDS Women, as their lobby on those Presiding the Church. Here some of WOMEN´s priesthood aspects are evaluated/commented for us better understand (“speculatively, as everything”) such subject of GOD´s and God´s priesthood for women. Another viewpoint: not of  “seeds”.  






 And site for KABBALAH has the original message and a new message, which is basically the same message in above “for_LDS_faithful_in_ADAM_as_GOD_CREATOR…”

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Subject: Shining Brand NEW CABBALAH: from your Avaricious brother to celebrate END of DAYS ("God Sun winter solstice"): to Kabbalah Centers - Rabi Yehuda Berg


Dear Sir. I sent you yesterday (Saturday) a quite long E-mail about viewing traditional Kabbalah from its TRADITIONAL VIEWPOINT into other proposed viewpoints.


As subject is quite complex, and I wrote something about the same subject, but with a very distinct viewpoint, maybe such "alternative text" may help you broaden the viewpoint. In case of any doubt, please fill at home. I am not an expert in your way of reasoning; otherwise probably I would be myself imprisoned inside it, as it is usual. It was very difficult for GALILEO GALILEI present some new reasoning.


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From:  "SAVELLI = SAB ELI = YHV (MY G-D)" <celsoely@y...>
Date:  Sun Dec 14, 2003  12:27 am
Subject:  Adam: "GOD", "God" or "god"? Awful CHRISTHMAS GIFT for this SITE



SAVELLI (Al_ijah)