http://www.oocities.org/asia/elywife/desolation-bountiful-RIPLAH-HUGATH-trail.JPG This map was obtained by glueing parts of internet maps MapQuest, that are much used in USA for guidance in roadway and through streets of towns. Such large sized map shows how it was the MAIN GEOGRAPHIC FEATURES, human related, in the days of NEPHITES (and also of JAREDITES) in the days of their wars with LAMANITES. In the right side (East) of such glued map it is shown the INDIAN TRAIL (yet in use...) bordering the shoreline of WEST SEA (LAKE ERIE) since NIAGARA FALLS. The idea was to have an easy travel, and they didn┤t worry about cutting the huge forest, as to cross from SOUTH LANDS to NORTH LANDS, as shown in such map. You can see that such INDIAN TRAIL, coming from RIGHT, reaches the HILL RIPLAH, and in fact the TRIAL pass over the north part of such RIPLAH HILL (as shown in other specific sites/maps). A very precise mapping of such HILL RIPLAH is available in our sites. The north side of LAKE ERIE had very steep margins, difficult to walk through them. Because of that they had just one MAIN TRAIL around North side of WEST SEA (LAKE ERIE) and reaching RIPLAH HILL and from it going down (trail shown in map) to the most narrow of SIDON RIVER (where is FORT WAYNE, of USA, since long: very strategic place) and where the Lamanites crossed (as in ALMA 43:40) and from there the TRIAL continued, as shown in some sites (and here), being the continuation of the DIVISION LINE (BORDER LINE) of BOUNTIFUL (SOUTH LANDS) and DESOLATION (NORTH LANDS, that JAREDITES cut too much FORESTS... making it desolate of FORESTS and of HUMANS). You can see South-West of TRIAL is the land of MANTI (not the TOWN of MANTI): as STATE OF S├O PAULO x TOWN of SAO PAULO. See that the LAMANITES thrown into the RIVER SIDON, were moved downsteam to the SHORELINE of SIDON RIVER, where it starts the LAKE ERIE (SEA WEST) which is deep and wide. Thus velocity is almost ZERO and they sank and are stored/burried there, in deep of SEA WEST, with so many debris and sewage and solid wastes, etc.

You can see that nearby (right side, east) the Mouth of SIDON RIVER, in LAKE ERIE, in the margins of LAKE ERIE, there is a nice looking "small lake" (in fact, a lot of rivers and a convenient small river) to make a SHIPYARD of MR. HUNGOTH. Maybe a guy as WERNER VON BROWN (expert in making HUGE ROCKETS, as SATURN V, to go to MOON...) he was very expert in making so huge SAIL SHIPS, powered by wind (quite like a breakthrough as SATURN V...). For sure other SAILYARD were available around so huge GREAT LAKES... That was a required technology for intelligent and smart people (not for LAMANITES). For sure NEPHITES had no other way for propulsing so HUGE SHIP, unless by WIND. As the process used in MILITARY SHIPS in MEDITERRANEAN SEA (with so many slaves rowing from a lower deck, in chains and being hurt) was not allowed in the NEPHITES propulsion. As they had not the technology of using WATER VAPOR or internal combustion engines (Diesel, Otto, Turbine,...) or fuel cell or etc., their only choice was to use WIND PROPULSION: SAIL SHIPS, as the one the JAREDITES used to come to AMERICA (to LONG ISLAND...) and also the LEHI┤s crew SAILED with WIND, in a fast travel, to the same LONG ISLAND. For sure such same destiny, as the one more modern and under the vigilance of silent LIBERTY, has a meaning and teaching. Maybe they will have the same fate. In fact I have so many sites about the route followed from Jerusalem to Long Island (coming from ARABIC PENINSULA harbor/shipyard Bountiful: even good satelite pictures are available, very sharp) and for the JAREDITES. These people made so huge SAIL SHIPS as HUGOTH┤s did again. Reports and maps are available to unbelievers.

http://www.oocities.org/asia/elywife/Shipyard_HAGOTH_estaleiroAlma63_5.JPG It shows a map from the U.S.G.S. with precise details of the location of HAGOTH┤s SHIPYARD to make HUGE SAIL SHIPS (ALMA 63:5)


http://www.oocities.org/asia/elywife/SHIPYARD_LAKE.JPG A general viewing, in road maps and street maps, showing where it was sited HAGOTH┤s SHIPYARD for HUGE SAIL SHIPS (for people "WIND SAIL", the only SAIL possible in 1830... for big ships...) and proper for huge loadas and passengers groups (as in Mediterranean Sean, powered by Wind, of some 500 tons and more, very slow ships, as the ones Apostle PAUL used and sank in one trip... PAUL was not so important to travel in special and military ships powered by ROWING SLAVES...). HAGOTH made very good ships for "some risky navigation" (as in Mediterranean Sea) from/to LAKE ERIE to LAKE HURON to MICHIGAN and to SUPERIOR was more complicated...). Book of Mormon show that making very huge (as WERNER VON BROWN did, also BOING with JUMBO...) may have drawbacks due technological weakness/limits... and some drawbacks are mentioned in the book. You must understand that the TRIP from SOUTH LANDS (around LAKE ERIE) to NORTH LANDS (starting in LAKE HURON) was possible just because the NARROW "NECK" BETWEEN TWO LANDS, and one is also quite narrow, as if a point of land intruding into water (having WATERS around 3 sides of it: see that in map...). Notice that one town at the Mouth of Sidon River (into LAKE WEST) is named GIBRALTAR, that means exactly such kind of "NECK", very strategic, as if a "GAP" between two lands. As the "point" of Canada almost reaches and touches USA (DETROIT), unless there was not the SIDON RIVER.


http://www.oocities.org/asia/elywife/shipyard_usgs.JPG It is shown a very high precision map, of USGS, of the exact place were the HUGE SAILSHIPS of HAGOTH┤s SHIPYEARD. See that the lake is very special, very protected by an entrance that can avoid WAVES (from some winds in LAKE ERIE) causing damage in ships to repair or being built. I am a hydraulic engineer (for hydroelectric dams...) but I guess how they built so huge SAIL SHIPS. For such construction they made a DITCH, perpendicular to the "special lake of Shipyard", and made such ditch dry. A huge sail ship was built inside the dry place. When ready, it was just require to open (continue) the DITCH up to the "special lake" and make SAIL SHIP float. With rope it would be moved to the end of the "special little lake" and moved into WEST SEA (LAKE ERIE) to navigate. In case of troubles, or repair, return to the ditch, close the entrance of ditch, and dry it... Also a very convenient small river was at hand, next to such small lake.


Once upon a time, in 1997, a friend from the Temple Presidency, of SŃo Paulo/Brazil, decided to thank me and be happy. Also wanted to be the first person to do so, having a wrong idea (I guess) about how some persons are received among their "friends". I told them about the problems so many persons faced, because they see things in a not "tradditional way". Because they bring changes, as it is typical of scientis (as my case), a lot o persons are suspicious and worried in loosing their privileges. Thus some of such scientists were killed. Galileo Galilei had better luck, but remained in life prision, as if a bird into a gold cage. Thus, I suggested to such my friend, that it would be better he join me and cry, because in fact there is no reason to be happy knowing about what will be. What will be will be (the song "Que Sera Sera" Doris Day, singer). It is usual that some persons that have some distinct "viewpoint" are to "suffer", being as if a Glass House (for vegetation, in winter) and a lot of persons with stones at hand ready to throu the stones just to have fun in seeing and hearing glass being shuttered. Thus, there was no reason to celebrate, to have joy. Just to have sorrow and cry.


http://www.oocities.org/asia/elywife/SHIPYARDestaleiroHagoth_Alma63_5.JPG Here it is shown the relationship between the HILL RIPLAH, the way=TRAIL of NEPHITES/JAREDITES making the separation of NORTH LANDS and SOUTH LANDS, being quite like the POLITICAL AND MILITAR "BORDER LINE" separating them. Toward Southwest of it (WEST RIPLAH HILL) it was BOUNTIFUL, MANTI LAND and toward NorthEast of it (MAIN TRAIL) it was DESOLATION LAND (because it was made DESOLATE = DESERT = VOID of FORESTS cut too much and VOID of PEOPLE, having their BONES exposed as if from animals when there is a sudden fulminanting disease). BOUNTIFUL is basically the LANDS around EAST LAKE and WEST LAKE (LAKE ONTARIO and LAKE ERIE) and the penetration pathway (along RIVER HUDSON and some ATLANTIC COASTAL LANDS, as LONG ISLAND). DESOLATION was basically around HURON LAKE which in fact is (HYDRAULICALLY) the same LAKE MICHIGAN (leading to CHICAGO and to WHITE LAMANITE ZELPH...), and there is some separation and difficulty to reach LAKE SUPERIOR (walking or by sail ship: water level difference). We should be practical. Cross a river with militar equipment (quite heavy) for some 600m is quite difficult. I guess there was a normal BOAT SERVICE to allow Indians to cross from one margin to the other of SIDON RIVER, where now is sited the USA FORT WAYNE, in DETROIT, MI. In case of LAMANITES, that was a LARGE SCALE INVASION, as if the ALLIES invading NORMANDI (in Day "D"), and for such they used a lot of SMALL BOATS. I guess the LAMANITES brought with them (already assemble or to be assembled during River crossing) the material for making BOATS, as if some LEATHER cover (as if in CAYAKS, but for many persons) or at least for them transport in them their heavy weapons. Thus LEHI┤s attack, on suprise, my have disrupted such organization. If they had crossed with CAYAKS boats, they could remain inside the RIVER SIDON, and ROW river down, up to the LAKE ERIE and then travel directly to the TOWN of MANTI. But followed from the margin... to not unboard to land. Quite like "D" DAY IN NORMANDI


http://www.oocities.org/asia/elywife/SHIPYARDestaleiroHagoth_Alma63_5u.JPG It is the same previous figure, but now I glued such two distinct MapQuest, by superimposing them to become "one". In any way that is the best way to evaluate the GEOGRAPHY of BOOK OF MORMON and make a relationship of it, as something REAL and TRUE (TANGIBLE information, good for salty unbelievers scientists, as that Apostle...) and linked to THE HISTORIC EVENTS TOLD IN BOOK OF MORMON, as about where lived the NEPHITES + LAMANITES and about the JAREDITES. For sure such history CONTINUED, off Book of Mormon, with "racial/ethnic/religious cleansing" done against the LAMANITES, by the FEROCIOUS ANGLO-SAXONS (mainly English, not IRISH who are House of Jacob) and also FRENCH people. FOR sure it is reduced the GENETIC DESCENDENTS OF LITERAL SEEDS OF JACOB (ISRAEL had not TANGIBLE SONS...) among such WHITE GENTILES (usually not so "kind" in the will of exterminating the Indians and/or to keep them as FOURTH CLASS CITIZENS, as if SLAVED into a LAND that was given to them. For sure, as rule of RETRIBUTION, if the GENTILES are not as good as the NEPHITES, as if cultivating the TRUE FREEDOM and TRUE DEMOCRACY, true JUSTICE and spreading it worldwide, we may fear the same repetition. For sure God will not bless those wicked, if they were blessed with special Heaven┤s blessing, to be RIGHTEOUS persons. That was the curse of NEPHITES and JAREDITES... Music will be not the usual as if they "order" God to bless them... Nice music.


SHALOM! Savelli