Hotohori's Shrine

Name: Saihitei Seishuku ("Hotohori")

Age: 18

Birth date: April 2

Birthplace: Eiyo, capital of Konan

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Height: 182 centimeters

Blood type: A

Family members: Two elder half brothers, a younger brother, and two younger half sisters

Character: "sei" or star

Character location: neck

Weapon: Katana (long sword)

Skills: He is highly skilled on sword combats. His sword has the ability to absorb lightning. This is the ability granted to him by Taiitsukun.

    Hotohori, the emperor of Konan, was the second seishi to be found by the suzaku no miko. Hotohori was sitting inside his carriage while taking a tour around the Eiyo when, suddenly, Miaka approached him and asked him to give her one of the jewels of his crown. When a mysterious red light surrounded Miaka, Hotohori immediately ordered the her seizure. At this time, he was already suspecting that Miaka might just be the legendary priestess of suzaku. He, then, carefully investigated the truth behind Miaka's identity. Having proven that Miaka was really the suzaku no miko, he ,then, immediately requested her to accept her duty as a priestess of suzaku and protect the empire from invasion. After Miaka accepted the request, He revealed to everyone Miaka's true identity.

        Hotohori was told about the priestess of suzaku when he was just a little boy. Since then, he hoped that the priestess could love him not as a ruler of an empire but as an ordinary person. He also wondered if the priestess could save him from the overwhelming emptiness and loneliness he was feeling. His mother did not seem to care about him much and forced him to succeed to the throne as the next emperor after his father's death. Not long afterwards, his mother also died and the surrounding became extremely quiet. 

        Hotohori is a warm- hearted, peace-loving person- no wonder he is surrounded by trustworthy followers. He thinks of his people ahead of his own personal needs and can easily develop rapport among the people around him. He respects each person's rights and is never biased in making decisions. He doesn't force people to agree to his wishes because he values their feelings. He cares and does his best to protect those who mean a lot to him. Because of this, he was able to gain numerous friends who  loves and respects him in return. When he is with his friends, he wants to be treated as a simple person and not as the emperor of the empire. Perhaps, his only flaw is that he is narcissistic but who can blame him- he was endowed with unrivaled good looks.

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