Note: Please feel free to inquire us for more details as to special restrictions,

          terms & conditions, and personal needs because we can customize

          your itinerary according to your needs.


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Note: Please e-mail us your Travelplan with details like:

For Flight booking: 1. Departing from with date and time preferrence

                                           2. Destination

                                           3. Return Date with preferrences and alternatives

                                           4. Oneway or Roundtrip

                                           5. Airport Pick Up

                                           6. Airline preferrence and booking class (Economy;Busiess;First)

                                           7. Frequent Flyer Membership

                                           8. Stopovers

For Hotel booking: 1. Your hotel of choice

                                         2. Room category

                                         3. Single or Double occupancy

                                         4. Extras like Extra bed or Meals (Breakfast,Lunch,Diner)

                                         5. Date of check-in

                                        6. Date of check-out

For Tour booking: 1. Tour Code

                                        2. For how many persons

                                        3. Special needs like Diet meals; service for handicaped persons, etc.

Please e-mail us your Travelplan at least two weeks before your departure date, that we can arrange for your Travelneeds and make your holiday as pleasant as possible.