Photographic Gears

Here are some of my photographic gear that I use it to take pics that you can see in my 'Photos Gallery' section.
I really enjoyed taking pictures since photography is one of my hobby and had became part of me.
I think every photographers do have their fav. gears that they really like using it, so here are some of the gears that I really like using to create pictures.. :D

1) The Leica M6TTL

M6 really is a rock-solid camera with very bright viewfinder. Many people would comment that loading film on a M-series camera is somehow very difficult and troublesome, but let me assure you that it is not so! After loading the film a couple of times.. you will get the heck of it really fast! Check out Leica products at :- Leica Home Page
Note:- Do check out the new electronics Leica M7 too! A really cool camera with AE exposure!!!

2) Cosina 25mm f4

This lens is better known as 'Voigtlander 25mm f4 Snap-shot Skopar', a really sharp lens that is really value for money! This lens come with a very good quality viewfinder (very bright)! There is very slight light fall-off of the edges but that is pretty normal for a wide angle lens (nothing to worry about!). Voigtlander also make a optional black bakelite-finished metal lens hood for this lens. You can check out more about Cosina/Voigtlander products at :-
Cosina Home Page

3) Leica 50mm f2


This may be one of the most famous lens in this world! Very sharp and you don't have to worry about shooting wide-open with this lens! BTW, I'd owned the nearly 30 years old version of this lens and I do believe that the most recent version with the built-in lens hood is even better!

4) Cosina 107-SW


Just bought the Cosina 107-SW (also known as Voigtlander Bessa-L) camera body. Cosina named this body '107-SW' before they bought over the 'Voigtlander' brand from Ringfoto, Germany. Very few under the label 'Cosina' was made! I bought it 2nd hand so it is really dirt-cheap! It's metal shutter is much louder as compared to the Leica M-series rangefinders. It was designed to use only wide-angle lens since it had no built-in rangefinder.

Note :- I'd yet to shoot with this body since I bought it for my trip to Malacca. I will post updates on the pros and cons of this body after this trip and will also update the 'Photo Galleries' section with pics taken there...

more will be added soon...

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