Introducing Digital Binocular Cameras

Perfect For Sports, Vacations, Beach & Outdoors!
This is the most versatile & highest value Digital Binocular Camera ever released. The resolution is ultra-clear and perfect for anything. This is not only one of the most affordable digital binocular cameras, but also one of expectional quality. Its rugged external lets you take it anywhere without worrying about breaking it, and its compactness makes it perfect for slipping it anywhere, while it's still big enough to comfortable hold in your hands.

These 8x22 compact binoculars have an integrated 640x480 resolution digital camera and 1280x1024 resolution using software. The built-in digital camera captures what you see in the 8-power view of the binocular with no film to buy ever!

Always in Focus / Fully Automatic / Perfect Colors This binocular/camera unit is always in focus, so you never need to make any adjustments to take great pictures. The camera is fully automatic, including a variable speed shutter and automatic measurement of ambient light (it adjusts shutter speed so you don't have to). White balance control delivers excellent color fidelity so that photos stored in memory are bright and colorful.

Powerful Features 8 MB of internal memory can store up to 75+ photos at high resolution & 300+ in Low Res. Everything is supplied to download images to your PC to be edited, printed, and e-mailed to your friends and family via an included USB cable and software, and email them.

Nero Suite is an amazing collection of Professional Quality CD Creation software programs that let you create custom Photo CDs (slide shows, presentations, etc) and Create CDs filled with photos from your Digital Binocular Camera to show your friends your latest vacations, sports events, nature trips -- wherever you've been using your camera lately. Using Nero is a great way to store all your photos you take forever on CDROM.

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