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Release Date: 02/25/05

Please excuse my audacity, but I'm willing to bet that your web site traffic could be a whole lot better and you could have higher search engine positioning using a tool that doesn't require email!


Dear Web Marketer,

It would mean a lot to me if you could close your office door to avoid interruptions for the next 10 minutes so that I may have the opportunity to tell you about an exciting new product to hit the eBook Information Product Market.  

Are you frustrated with your current eMail marketing results? Are you finding that getting ordinary eMail to your clients and subscribers is becoming increasingly difficult? Are you looking for something new to turn your marketing results around?

What would YOU say if I told you that the online world is preparing for a major shift in the way web sites are marketed? What would you say if I told you that you have the opportunity to learn more about the forecasted replacement of eMail marketing? If you want to learn how ordinary webmasters are tripling their web site traffic every day,then I urge you to read through this information very carefully.


Today you can discover the rewards of advertising in AND publishing RSS news feeds! You can discover how to use this new technology to market your products online, and to get ranked on all of the major search engines! There are webmasters online TODAY who have already introduced this new technology to their own clients and readers, and their results couldn't be better! So please sit back, relax, and allow me to tell you more about this new informational product!

RSS Advertising Secrets was published to introduce the Internet Business Community to a new marketing approach, the same approach that many of the gurus are now pushing. With the decline of eMail marketing, we've been forced to venture to new technology in order to get responsive advertising. RSS feeds are the hot, new way to bring in highly targeted website visitors, for a very small price. Employ RSS feeds on your own website and syndicate your news, announcements, and articles across the globe! It's all possible using RSS Feeds!!

RSS Advertising Secrets teach you more about how RSS Feeds work, where RSS came from, and how to use the technology to advertise and advance your business!

RSS is a tool used by increasing numbers of online marketers and publishers as both a delivery system and/or as way of syndicating their own content and/or adding other people's content to their sites easily and quickly.  

Have you started using RSS feeds to pull in visitors for you website yet? If not, take a look at what RSS Advertising Secrets teaches you:

Introduction To RSS - Just The Basics

  • RSS- The Future of Internet Communication?
  • What RSS Is
  • Advantages Of RSS
  • Required Equipment
  • How Feeds Work

Making The Decision - Reader vs. Publishing

  • Making The Decision

A Readers Guide To RSS

  • Feed Readers
  • Where To Get RSS Aggregators/Feed Readers
  • Finding & Subscribing To RSS Feeds
  • My Favorite RSS Feeds

A Publisher's Guide To RSS

  • The Power of RSS Publishing
  • Getting Started
  • Making The RSS File
  • Saving RSS Files
  • Validating RSS Files
  • Syndication

Strategies for Publishers - Gaining More Exposure Via RSS

  • Bringing in more visitors using RSS.
  • How Often To Publish
  • Quality Control
  • Where & When to add advertising spots.
  • 55 RSS Feed Submission Sites
  • Easy Publication System Recommendation

RSS Advertising Secrets - Strategies for Advertisers

  • Advertising Via RSS -  This Relatively New Concept
  • Targeting The Right Market & Feeds
  • Finding RSS Advertising Providers
  • RSS Ad Types
  • Yahoo And RSS
  • MSN and RSS
  • RSS Article Writing - A free way to advertise
  • Advertising On Mass Scales - Interviews with 2 Mass RSS Ad Providers!
  • When You Try It, Track It! - Freebie Tool
  • Secret Tips To Help Maximize Your RSS Campaigns



I was totally amazed when I found out that simple words in my eMail messages were setting off spam filters! Did you know that words such as "free", "remove", "subscribe", and "click here" are all words that could set off spam filters? They are! This affects those of us who run legitimate businesses and own a client mailing list of our own.

Whether you know about it or not, ISP spam filters are ruining your business by not allowing your eMail messages to be sent to your clients simply because of silly words that ANYONE would write in normal conversations!

Businesses often depend on their past client databases to gain repeat sales and to ultimately keep their business on track..but how can that be done when so many ISPs are trashing our messages? I'll tell you switching up the way you think, strategize, and market your web business!

It's time that the advertiser, business owner, and list managers have the upper hand! It's time to lay down eMail Marketing and pick up RSS Marketing...NO email required and ANYONE can become a RSS Publisher...ANYONE!

Filters make it very difficult for the average business owner to get his/her sales message to their clients using a traditional mailing list manager. Believe me folks, spam filtering will get worse before it gets any better! Did you know that a simple "click here" In your ad will trigger a spam filter which in turn sends your message to the trash can before your client even knows what happened? Well, it will!

RSS solves the problem of ISP filtering because eMail is not involved at all! That's right! Whether you create an RSS feed yourself, or if you buy RSS advertising, YOUR MESSAGES WILL NEVER BE CENSORED, FILTERED, OR TRASHED! All RSS messags are sent INSTANTLY to the readers! This new simple and easy to read eBook will teach you what you need to know about RSS publishing, marketing and how to get started right away!

I urge you to purchase RSS Advertising Secrets today to ensure the future of your online activities. It doesn't matter whether you are an eZine publisher, the average marketer, a business owner or a webmaster -- you need to read this eproduct and stay up with changing technology!

Don't let the ISP spam filters ruin your business anymore than they already have! Pick up the RSS Advertising Secrets eBook today with FREE master resell license and learn how to get YOUR messages sent directly to your readers! You can also learn how to get targeted search engine traffic without even spending a dime!

Okay, So Now I Bet Your Next Question is,
"What's All This Going To Cost Me?"

Instead of thinking cost, you should consider investment. Imagine how much being highly ranked on all of the major search engines could mean to your bottom line? Imagine branding your name, becoming successful on the Internet, and gaining respect! This package is valued at $144.00 with bonuses.

But, I'm not going to charge you $144 or $100 or even $50, seemingly the going rate for this type of package (which doesn't even give you a quarter of the information and value that I've assembled for you)!

During this special RELEASE SALE, your entire investment is only $24.00!!

Plus, With your order today, I'm going throw in the following bonus:

  • Master Resell Rights! That's right! Just resell one copy and you've made your money back! You can include this eBook in membership sites, add it to eBay, give it away , and resell it! Only if you order before midnight tonight!

  • RSS File Creator V.1!  This software tool was exclusively created by EBA and will allow you to easily and effortlessly create a valid RSS file. All you'll have to do is enter your RSS feed information and the software will do the rest!  After you have created your file, validate it and you're ready to go. Step by step instructions are included! THIS SOFTWARE PRODUCT NEVER BEFORE OFFERED TO THE PUBLIC!

  • EzyLink Expire Link Tracking Script! My script will give you the system to create your own web site links that expire at a time pre-determined by YOU!  You can put this to use for your RSS campaigns and see for yourself  what type of sales ratio you have! Imagine offering a sale and informing your customers that the link must be followed within 48 hours...72 hours...6 hours...whatever time limit YOU want!  Imagine being able to offer free downloads to your mailing list - and setting a download limit of 500 clicks...1,000 clicks...2,000 clicks...whatever limit YOU want!  Complete Ad Tracking and a membership module for residual income too!

  • Bonus Information! How to get indexed by Yahoo and MSN in about an hour! This MSN information has never been printed before - just released!

But remember, you must take action before tonight at midnight to get the free distribution rights and to save 50%. Don't set this aside --chances are too great that you'll forget. Think about your return on investment here.

100% Unconditional
No-Risk Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Buy RSS Advertising Secrets today and if you find that it doesn't help increase your bottom line - return it within 15 days for a full refund!

The risk to deliver is entirely on my shoulders. You risk absolutely nothing. Because if you don't think this package you'll get is worth at least 10 times your investment - then I truly want you to let me know. I trust you to be fair.

So if you are serious about achieving success..then you can't overlook this risk-free opportunity to learn more about RSS Marketing and RSS Feeds. If RSS marketing didn't work, then gurus wouldn't be selling RSS Marketing Guides for $97.00 each!

Today you don't have to spend $97.00 to learn about how RSS works. Order your copy of RSS Advertising Secrets before midnight for a measly $24.00. I believe in keeping the price on my eBooks low, so that everyone can benefit from the knowledge that they contain - not break their piggy banks!

So are you ready to learn more about RSS Feeds And Advertising... how they can help you grow your business? Yes?

Good! Here's How To Order:



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