Protect Your Privacy: Hidden Camera Locator - As Seen on CSI Miami

Hidden Camera Locator - As Seen on CSI Miami

FACT: Millions of miniature video cameras are sold each year and many are being used by spies and voyeurs to catch unsuspecting victims during their most private moments.

FACT: A couple found a pinhole camera in the bedroom of their rented apartment that was installed by their landlord.

A camera was found installed in the changing room of a county pool and used to tape female lifeguards while they changed.

A major clothing retailer installed hidden cameras in changing rooms.
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Don't be a victim. Covert cameras can be ANYWHERE and you can be a VICTIM any time day or night.

The SpyFinder Personal does not rely on detecting the RF signal from a wireless camera or the oscillator frequency radiated by a wired camera, it uses and array of ultra bright LEDs that create a strong reflection from a camera's lens that is easily detected when looking through the SpyFinder viewing port.

The SpyFinder personal works on the principle of optical augmentation. This means that light is reflected from a focused optical system. This is analogous to the "red eye" effect you get when taking photographs. What this means for you is that the light emitted from the SpyFinder is reflected by the hidden camera and is seen through the special viewfinder in such a way that false positives are virtually eliminated.

Using the SpyFinder is Easy. Simply look through the specially coated lens, press the button, and scan the room at a slow and methodical pace. Any camera hidden in the room will reflect back a flashing red dot just like you see in this animated demonstration. Hotel rooms, tanning beds, and dressing rooms can easily be scanned in under a minute.

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