The Internet Relay Chat 


Well, mIRC is an Internet Relay Chat Client. The most popular one I mean. :)

mIRC attempts to provide a user-friendly interface for use with the Internet Relay Chat network. The IRC network is a virtual meeting place where people from all over the world can meet and talk. To IRC all you need to do is Connect to a server, Join a channel, and Chat!

mIRC will guide you through these initial stages and hopefully you'll be chatting in no time. If you get stuck or want to find out more about a certain feature, just click on a Help button eg. in the Options dialog, and you should find some hints there to help you.


Do you have good IRC Scripts?

Of course we do. Below are some of the most popular IRC scripts around. Try them now!

eXtreme v8i  by Kall for mIRC 5.82 or higher   NEW!!

A well-coded script with many useful features. It has everything you'd ever need in a script, and a bit more. Includes clean, descriptive documentation inside the script. Recommended for anyone looking for a good, easy to use script. Official URL

Size: 275 Kb

Reviewer: KeeMan Rating: 8.9/10

Peace & Protection 4.00 FINAL BETA by pai for mIRC 5.7 or higher COOL!!

This is one of the very best all-around scripts ever created. Unfortunately, pai stopped scripting a while ago because she said she had better things to do, so don't expect any updates, except maybe some bug fixes. You must copy a version of mIRC 5.7 (will not work with 5.71) in the P&P folder for the script to work. Highly recommended. Official URL Clickhereto download mIRC 5.7 32-bit.

Size: 442 Kb

Reviewer: MUTU Rating: 9.9/10

SoulBlade B5   by INSIDES for mIRC5.81    GOOD!!

A very good full script. Alot of features for the beginner and advanced user. It comes with a media player, email client, and supports its own themes. The code is mostly error free and has some very good error handling. Well worth the look. Official URL

Size: 463 Kb

Reviewer: Trystan Rating:9.0/10

Emicron Pro x128   by Suren for mIRC

A Superb new mIRC script with hundreds of features. The interface is great and all the addons use dialogs. This would make an ideal script for some but if you're still new to IRC scripts, you should not try this because it's designed for advance irc users. You must copy a version of mIRC into the Emicron folder for this script to work. Highly Recommended. Official URL Click here to download the x128i version having no mass options. Clickhereto download update 1.

Size:1.03 Mb

Reviewer:KeeMan Rating:9.0/10

Aukio 1.0c by ccx & tymanfor mIRC 5.81 or higher

A good all around, dialog based script. It includes many basic features, as well as many advanced. Seven (7) extra themes are included, in case you dislike the default theme as much as I did. The script has great documentation with only a few minor bugs. Fit for virtually every mIRC skill level. Amazingly, It's only in beta! Official URL

Size: 954 Kb

Reviewer: MUTU Rating: 9.0/10

Before downloading any of the scripts, please read the disclaimer:

NO author of this web site is in any way responsible to anything that can happen once you click on ANY of the links found in this web site. You must accept this before downloading anything.The files are scanned very thoroughly for viruses using three different virus scanners that are updated regularly. The scripts and addons are examined and should not contain any nasty code. However this is NO GUARANTEE that the files will work as expected and you should scan/examine them yourself primary to executing/loading.

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