About #Coolplanet

  Wondering what actually is #Coolplanet?  

What the heck is #Coolplanet?

Well, #Coolplanet is actually a Malaysian Internet Relay Chat channel. Basically run by mostly Malaysians, the channel has regulars from all over the world. #Coolplanet is basically a meeting point for all Malaysians in the virtual world especially local users (Kelantan). The channel is based in Tanah Merah, Kelantan, MY. It was first founded by forever|young (Joseph Kor) This channel is quite new as not many knows our existence. Hopefully, in about one or two years, the channel can develop into a popular channel like #Mamak and other Malaysian channels. We'll never give up!! 

Where did you get the name?

The name? Well, it all started when the SALEM tobacco company start their campaign in the TV. It was promoting their latest trade mark --Cool planet. It's main purpose is to give a full entertainment to all by making this planet Cool. So, the founder thought it was a good name and he picked it and formed the channel in early 1999. 

But how do I get there?

Well of course you cannot connect to a chat channel simply by clicking on any of these links. You'll need an IRC client (mIRC, Ircle, Pirch, BitchX) to connect to the above list of servers. Most win95/98/NT users prefer to use mIRC. And Ircle are for Macintosh users. Pirch is also for win95/98/NT users. Hardcore LINUX users will definitely use BitchX.

To connect to #Coolplanet DALNET, you'll need to download your choice of IRC client. But here, I will show you the steps on how to connect to #Coolplanet DALNET using mIRC client.


  1. You have to download the latest version of mIRC.
  2. Once downloaded, install mIRC into your PC.
  3. After installing, double click on the mIRC  to run mIRC.
  4. On mIRC interface, type /server irc.dal.net (this is the default DALNET server which will automatically connect you with the nearest DALNET server) on the 'Status' window.
  5. Give yourself a nickname by typing /nick <any_nickname_you_want>...eg. /nick Cool-man
  6. Once connected to DALNET, you will see MOTD (Message Of The Day) on the 'Status' window. From there, type /join #coolplanet to join the Channel and you are in!
  7. Please bear in mind that we have rules and regulations in #Coolplanet. Please obey all rules and respect other chatters.
  8. This is how mIRC client looks like on your PC.

Click Image for bigger view

Something about the web site maybe?

Well, the idea of creating the #Coolplanet website came into my mind when several friends of mine ask me about it. And I say, Why Not?. So, in early 2000, I launched a web site which is really sucks! Then I launched another one in December 2000 and still I didn't satisfied with it. And so, I began planning a web site not only for #Coolplanet but to all IRC users. That's why I added many new features in it with free IRC scripts etc. I will continue to add more and more stuff in it. If you have any idea do send me an e-mail or contact me via #Coolplanet. Thanks!