:: Latest Program ::

mIRC version 5.82 

World famous IRC chat program. It's a must for every chatter.

NetPal 1.2c 

This program record how long you online and tell you how much you have to pay by end of the month.

Nuke Nabber 2.9b 

A normal nuke detector program.

WinZip 8.0 

A popular zip program to unzip file that you download from internet.

Conseal Firewall 2.09 

A nice program to protect against nuke and hacking. Try it and you will like it !

:: Games ::


A multiplayer Tetris program. You can challenge your friend about how good your Tetris skill are.

Chor Tai Dee 

A multiplayer card based program for those who like 'Chor Tai Dee' games.


Netbig2 is a very popular program on the net and you should get one now !


A very nice reversi program.

           T O P   D o w n l o a d s

ACDSEE picture viewer Winamp v2.24
Bnc 2.60 IRC proxy mIRC32 5.8
eggdrop1.1.5 WinZip 8.0 SR-1
John The ripper ICQ99a beta 1700
Download accelarator Cuteftp v4.32

F U N 

    D o w n l o a d s
  Mail Bombah Dnd destroyer NoBo
  Zfn4 fluder ICnewQ REAPER
  NUKE ICQ IP Unmasker WNUKE326
  DIE3 WNUKE95 UDP2 v10.2 
  BMB2 BOOM ICQ Auto Authorize
  WNUKE4 ICQ Port Sniff Battle Pong
  NUKER V.1.02 NUKE ATTACK Kaput 1.0
  ICMP Bomber!  UDP Port Nuke  ICMP Flooder
  UDP Port Flooder  Rebellion UDP Flood Ping
  UDP Port Spammer Wpepsi Fortune 2.4 
  C o o l   S o f t w a r e                          D e s c r i p t i o n
  Virus Cleanup This will clean ur pc from Trojan Viruses - recommended
  The Cleaner2.0 This Program need to be registered , lame thing
  Winsock Version Checker Check the correct winsock version with NT4 SP4 
  Sub seven exploit Similar to netbus and back orrifice but better
  Nukenabber 2.9b as its name
  HLook v1.0 Dns lookup Proggram
  Star Draft(arsenal) Program for modifiying starcraft units
  Audio catalyst CD ripper (converts dat to mp3/wav)
  Xara3d image maker 3d font image maker (I removed it hehe..)
  Putty.exe Alternate telnet client
  Shockwave Player Application to view shockwave on browser
  Winroute 4.0 pro Similar to winproxy (recommended for cafe runner)
  styler.exe A cracking software
  Zfn4 fluder mIRC socks clone flooder
  Pwsender Hmm try it out for yourself
  php4 web Webpage authoring available on win9x
  Folder lock secure your secret folders
  Registry Monitor Viewing your active registry for win 95
  Fx Box 2.1 Guitar Distortion software (nice!) retail version
  WinBnc 2.4 bnc proxy for windows 9x
  Conseal pc Conseal pc firewall blocks incoming tcp/udp
  windowsblind1.3 win9x shell enhancement--make your window look like a MAC


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