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February's Lucky OP

Nick: coOL^Ice Op Access: SOP
Age: 17 Birthday: 10th March 1983
First Name: c|nDy Origin: Batu Pahat, Johor, MY
Last Name: pOe Religion: Christian 
Email: cindy83poe@yahoo.com ICQ # : 65961227
In person:
What do you think about being an OP in #Coolplanet?
Well, for me, it's a nice channel for all and everybody is friendly in there. I gues i was lucky to have an SOP access there. 
What do you wish for your upcoming B-day?
I wish for success in ever field, wish that somebody can buy me a bungalow and maybe a car! *LOL* Just kidding ok. Wish Happiness for me and my family, that's all. Wish that #Coolplanet will grow bigger too! :) Live Life COoL!

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