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Mongolia 3 and Britain
The slave castle at 'Dick's Cove' in Ghana.
Akwaba! (Welcome!)

Greetings from Cote d' Ivoire! Robyn and I have been here for four months. We spent the summer travelling in Mongolia and Britain and just returned from Thanksgiving Day weekend in Ghana (pictures on the left). We'll be travelling in the US from Decemnber 13-31st; so if you're anywhere near San Francisco and/or Madison, let us know!

Cote d' Ivoire is currently (December 1) in a low key civil war. Robyn and I love our school (the International Community School of Abidjan) and plan to stay as long as possible. Hopefully the local government will work things out.

I've updated our phone numbers and mailing address under the 'Contacts' link on the top left of the page.

Don't visit us now! We might be visiting you soon! :-)

Keir and Robyn.

Pre Summer 2002 Trips and Pictures
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