East and West

A photographic journey to some of                            

the places shaped by a centuries long conflict 

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The fault line between East and West has ebbed and flowed over the last 2 thousand years.  The West’s power has reached at times all the way into modern day Israel and at other times it was stopped at the Danube River.  The ideas of the East still have a foothold in South Eastern Europe. Today we see Turkey as the place where West becomes East, but that fault line has changed over the years.  From Central Europe to the deserts of the Middle East, lay memories, ruins, and legacies of the millennium long  conflict between East and West.

Over the last millennium the border dividing East and West has ebbed and flowed over Europe and the Middle East.  Syria, Turkey, the Balkans and Spain are just a few of the places that were at one time or another the fault lines between the two.   Today these places still bear the mark of two cultures both peacefully melting together and at other times clashing on not just battlefields but in the hearts and minds of the inhabitants.  The following does not pretend to be a scholarly examination of this story but simply a photographic journey to some of the places that have been influenced by the meetings between East and West.

Budapest, Hungary                     Istanbul, Turkey                     Moorish Spain    
Images of Budapest, Hungary               Images of Istanbul, Turkey                    Images of Moorish Spain

Syrian Castles and Palmyra                     Some Color Images of Syria                     Prague, Czech Republic
Syria's Castles and Palmyra                   Color Images of Syria                         Images of Prague

More Color Images of Syria                 Syria in Black and White       Images of Jordan
See More Color Images of Syria                 Syria in Black and White       See Images of Jordan

Incan Empire See Images of Peru            
See Image of Petroglyphs of South Mountain, Phoenix            

 Some have been cropped electronically.

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