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We all at some time or the other come in contact with leather. For the vast majority of us the exposure is limited to buying and using leather products - shoes, jackets, wallets, bags, purses, leather upholstered furniture or automobiles and so on.

For most of us, the experience with leathers is not a significant part of our lives. However it is useful to be informed when we have to make a decision about buying a pair of shoes or a leather coat. It is sometimes an annoying problem when something-unexpected crops up during the use or maintenance of leather products

We at leatherinfo are trying to bring out information about everything that you would need to know about leather. The focus is to present information in a simple matter of fact manner. We are starting off with some basic stuff and are going to add more and more articles and information. And of course, tell us what you need to know specifically and we will prepare the information for you and present here.

So, any time you want to know something about leather drop by. If you do not find what you are looking for send an email to us.

Hope you enjoy the site.


Are you a leather expert?

Know a thing or two about leather. We welcome contributions and sugestions from you. Whether you are a leather technician churning out the varieties of leathers demanded by the market or in the business of making and selling leather products, you have an invaluable insight and experience about leather. Come on, share it with others. To get in touch with us, please go here.


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