Enemy At the Gates

A movie of power, showoffs and most of all being silent in the battlefields. Two men - one Russian and the other a German, battle it out by their powerful sniper-rifles. This is a movie based on a true event that happened during the World War II. It was the time when strong Russian snipers used to eliminate German soldiers attacking & capturing the Russian soil. Russian powers were dropping and Germans advanced towards the last city of Russia, to be captured - Stalingrad. But there was one powerful, brave and strong Russian sniper, who took up a challenge to fight & kill all enemy soldiers, coming there way, and made a stop to all that. This movie is just great, as the actors and actresses were all too good, especially the snipers of both sides. Stealth was so very important for both of them. A fight among just two people, will keep your eyes and ears open, till the end of the movie. Well! there were some some scenes, which I think weren't necessary in the movie; the love & sex scenes between the Russian sniper and a girl who's also miserable with her life, as her parents were killed during the war. Its sad and I would love to hear her story, but seriously, when the battle was on and the situation was getting tougher and rougher by the minute, they were completely irrelevant. However, ITS JUST A GREAT MOVIE. So, remember don't mess with SNIPERS!!!

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