John Q

A must see movie! In fact I would give an award to the already-award-winner Denzel Washington. In this movie, Mr. Washington plays the role of a ten-year old boy's father, who love each other so much and are so close, that the father would do anything for him. The little boy named "John" loves playing baseball and as he was playing, he had a heart attack. So, as the father becomes torn down by the incident, they all run to the nearest emergency hospital for a speedy treatment.

The real crisis begins now, as the senior doctors tell him about the boy's heart condition and to treat this type of patient would cost the family a fortune, hence, the father could not afford it. He believed that the medical insurance company would take care of this fully, but since he was an ordinary factory worker, he was not eligible for that kind of level of insurance. The father was astonished with this kind of situation and didnt know what to do. So, frustration, pain, guilt and depression made him hijack the hospital, until the proper treatment was given to his son.

This movie delivers a lot of emotions & tactics by a normal and ordinary citizen, who goes out to save the life of his son. THIS MOVIE IS TOTALLY FICTIONAL AND IS NEVER POSSIBLE!

Starring :- Denzel Washington
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